Get Active!

Two weeks into the year and I am sure we have all thought about getting healthier, getting leaner or getting active. While I lived abroad, exercising  was an issue always gnawing at the back of my head, but hardly becoming a reality. It had a little to do with my lack of time, and aContinue reading “Get Active!”


Hi guys! Remember my grey look from a couple of posts ago? Well, I took the same asymmetrical skirt and styled it in a more casual, sporty way. Let me know which look do you like the most?  Love, A

Green on Greens

One of the best parts of Fashion is pushing your creativity in order to make new, and unique combinations. Layering is an easy way of achieving originality on your look on a daily basis. A few days back, I grabbed a simple, off the shoulder, white dress that -TBH- hadn’t much going in for it, andContinue reading “Green on Greens”

Cusco & Machu Picchu

On my last travel post, I showed a few images of my trip to Peru. Now, I want to share more amazing places that I visited within the country.  First was Cusco: a beautiful colonial town that has preserved the antique feeling. I stayed at the most adorable accommodation very close to the main plaza, the AranwaContinue reading “Cusco & Machu Picchu”