Christmas Season

Christmas time at my hometown means windy sunny days, and chilly crisp nights. It is the time to pull out jumpers, long sleeves, & any other garment that resembles that of a winter wardrobe. For this time, I created my outfit around this beautiful pleated maxi skirt. I didn’t need to add much to come upContinue reading “Christmas Season”


A sporty grunge trend wouldn’t be complete without a dash of tartan. I styled this body-con dress with a white sleeveless shirt, and a pair of high heel ankle boots. Since the neckline was very high, I added no necklace or long earrings. The only other accessories were a couple of bracelets and a blackContinue reading “Tartan”


You can never go wrong when combining primary colours. The contrasting hues will always make up for a bold, yet stylish combination. This look achieves a chic and powerful mood that, with the help of a pair of shades, exudes confidence and mystery.

Floral Crush

I adore dresses. They are my go-to piece for an easy outfit, whether it be casual or formal. Although I normally lean for solid colour garments, every now and then I let in a bit of prints into my attire. It was actually the bold floral print of this dress that caught my attention. ThisContinue reading “Floral Crush”

Leather Jeans

Finding the right pair of leather jeans can be tricky, but once you do, you will not want to take them off. I really love these ones because they fit so perfectly, and they have a very nice detail on the knees. Wearing them with a blazer makes the outfit look smart and polished, even if wornContinue reading “Leather Jeans”

Sporty Chic

I’m so sorry that I’ve been very much absent for the past couple of weeks. I’ve had some pretty hectic days with events and new projects. But I promise I will now go back to business, especially since Red Rosy Chic is very close to turning 1!  On this occasion I took on a trend that isContinue reading “Sporty Chic”