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Pick of the Week: Remington Curling Iron


I have the theory that having a good hair day is a major factor in having a good day. Whenever my hair is giving me troubles, everything else seems to be grayish if not black. Nothing I try on looks good, make up doesn’t seem to help, and I get self conscious about my appearance. That is why, for me, having the right tools that will make my hair shine is a very important matter. I recently tried the Remington curling iron and I loved how it gives me a new look in so little time! I am a natural wave fan and thanks to this little friend I get them effortlessly.

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Pick of the Week: Catch & Release


It’s been a long time since I haven’t published a pick of the week… so much so, that I should probably change it to “Pick of the Season”. However, every now and then, I find a piece that really merits a special mention. My pick today does not only have to do with fashion, but with social and environmental awareness as well. Beyond being a brand, Catch & Release is a philosophy that impels us to be responsible with our marine environments. The hook bracelets are a small way of reminding us that we should take care of the world that we have been given. Fishing is an entertaining sport, but why not practice it with responsibility? The little good deeds that we do today will help guarantee a better tomorrow. So let’s think about it, and try to protect the beauty that nature is!

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Pick of the Week: Embellished Slingbacks


It has been a while since the last time that I posted a Pick of the Week, but the moment my eyes landed on these shoes, I knew I had to share them with you.

I first came across Boden during my years in London. I would label their womenswear designs as feminine, and retro; and even at times a tad too conservative for my taste. However, every now and then, they come up with some sparkling gems of their own, like the shoes at hand. It is not a secret that I love my garments and accessories to be garnished with glitz and embellishments, and these Bella Slingbacks surely tick that requisite. Let me know what colour is your favourite!

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Pick of the Week: SS15 Accessories


After sharing with you some of my favourite trends and pieces of SS15, I wanted to share with you my picks when it comes to the accessories of the season. Which ones are yours?  

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Pick of the Week: SS15


My Pick of the Week this time consists of a little round-up of my favourite looks/trends of SS15 so far.

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Pick of the Week: Altuzarra x Target

target-altuzarra-ad-3This week will witness the launching of the latest fashion collaboration for Target. Altuzarra, currently one of the most sought out designers, has teamed up with the big mass market store. And the pieces are hot, hot, HOT, straight out of the oven. The beautiful garments really seem to follow Altuzarra’s understanding of fashion, “that it (fashion) can be transformative, changing not just the way you look, but also the way you feel”. The collection is scheduled to hit stores on September 14th. I wanted to leave you with a selection of my favourite pieces, but you can check the whole line on Target’s website.

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