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Hi guys! For those who celebrated labour day on Monday, I hope you had a great long weekend! And for those of you who didn’t, well we are already halfway through the week, so do not despair!

I have been a little bit absent for the last week, but there is a very good reason for that. I am currently working on a few really exciting projects, one of them directly linked to Red Rosy Chic, and well, that has absorbed a lot of my time, and will continue to do so for the upcoming days, so please bare with me a bit. Nevertheless, here is one of my latest looks. Pink has always been a dear colour of mine, and the current season has me relishing on it.

x A

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Your Light Version


Hello, gorgeous people! Although, since last Thursday, I’ve been on total holiday mode, I couldn’t really forget about all of you!

Quick Questions: Are you low waist or high waist? Dark or light? For the sake of this post let’s concur on hight waist jeans. As per the hue matter, I can satisfy both cravings, just grab a number, and wait to be called out. 

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Ready to Battle


Army green is hands down one of my preferred colours to wear, perhaps because it combines well with so many others (pink, mustard, camel, black, orange,…); or maybe, because of the cool, ready to battle feel that it discharges. Now that I come to think about it, it also happens to be a staple colour of one of my favourite casual brands: Marissa Webb. So maybe it is a little bit of all of this together what pulls me towards the hue. Whatever it may be, here is a look that revolves around the concept of strength and combat, a mood that is given by the cargo jeans and the killer Vince Camuto laser-cut heels. 

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Floral Denim


Last week, I was pretty much a guest at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Three, of the five days, of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week took place at the newly built convention centre and its terrace. So unsurprisingly, I decided to shoot a few looks there. 

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MBFWSV: Ingrid Valeriano


No era la primera vez que Ingrid Valeriano presentaba en Mercedes Benz, pero en esta ocasión realmente se lució. Su inspiración y diseños reflejaron un gran talento. Aunque hubo un par de looks que parecían fuera de lugar, la unidad general de la colección fue visible.

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Imágenes de un quirófano lúgubre y sanguinario despertaron cierta conmoción entre los invitados. Se trató de una introducción que anunciaba transformación y que prometía un resultado deslumbrante. Y así fue. Alejandro Handal nos presentó una colección cautivadora, cargada de estampados y brocados, en la que se palpaban los contrastes, las texturas y un diseño más maduro.

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