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Although I’m not much of a sports person, I’m really trying to be more active. Last Saturday, I shockingly agreed to play a match of paddle tenis with a few friends. Funnily enough, I realized that the only pair of sporty shorts I own are the ones from my school uniform…For a while, I’ve been meaning to upgrade my gym wear wardrobe, because I have come to the conclusion that the better I look in my gym clothes, the more I will want to excersice and practice sports. I found these pair of stardust print leggings last week and they immediately caught my eye. They’re fun, playful, and out of the ordinary, and for what is worth, they make up for a really comfy and cool look. 

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Skin Tone

IMG_2915Last week, someone reminded, in a very sweet way, that we do not need to dress up, climb onto towering heels, or wear unsurmountable amounts of make-up to look chic and stylish. Far from that, class and grace are best perceived in simplicity. Being natural is, most of the times, the way to show our most attractive selves. For this post, I decided to stick to this “less is more” principle, and I wandered into a natural palette of skin-tone, and brown colours. A smooth coat of burgundy lipstick, as a final touch, pulls the look together.
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It Takes Two


I’m not much of a two piece set fan, but this one in particular casted a spell on me. Not only is it black & white (the most classic colour combination, we all know that opposites attract), but it has the right proportions of sexiness and class.

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Cracked Walls


One of my favourite things to do is travel the World and discover picturesque little corners wherever I go. But the one thing about beautiful places is that you can find them almost anywhere. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and, without being subjective, I like to think it that way. I get excited just by finding the unique beauty that my own country guards; even if we are just talking about a shabby, old building with cracked walls and a rickety door; funnily enough, these spots sometimes make up for the most exquisite frames. 

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Remember that fashion was made to bring excitement, and fun into our lives. I always like to incorporate interesting twists into my everyday outfits, through what may seem like not so obvious fashion pieces, and umbrella, for instance. The rainy season in El Salvador has just started, and an umbrella is the must-have item of the moment. This look wouldn’t be the same without the zebra print pattern that adds a whimsical splash. 

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