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Mad Hatter


There is something about hats that they instantly infuse attitude into a look. They are like the cherry on top, the final touch that pulls an outfit together. However, I find that we are sometimes wary about hats, maybe, because it is an accessory that albeit its cover up function, puts us in the spotlight; or perhaps, it is because we do not want to ruin a perfectly good coiffure.  I’m sometimes object of these fears myself, but I have also realized that once I start wearing them, I do not want to take them off! And really who can blame us, when sometimes all we want is a dash of mystery.  

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Ivory Light


It so happens that white will always make you shine. There is a goddess-like allure to the colour, and it becomes much more obvious when it comes in the shape of a chic maxi dress. Let me tell you, I could feel a greek muse vibe emanating from this thigh high number. But my favourite piece of this look is, hands down, the white flower headband; the perfect Spring accessory!

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We are facing some very intense heat in El Salvador at the moment, and for weather like this I feel that the best option is to stay away from jeans, we all know how they tend to absorb the heat. So for the time being you most probably will not see me wearing anything other than breezy shorts, skirts and dresses. I hope you like this look, which is actually a bit more dressy, perfect for a night out.

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We’re a couple of days away from holidays, and just before we all head to our sweet relax destinations, I wanted to leave you all with one final look. I hope you like it, and I wish you all a very happy holy week!

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Charcoal draping


As I sit down, cup of coffee in my hand, skipping from one picture to another of this black and white outfit, I wonder what it is about this top that seems so proper, and so right. Maybe it’s the black? Maybe it’s the fabric? I actually think it is the way it gently drapes, softening every edge, and every curve. Later, when looking at the whole of it, I realize how the colour perfectly holds the outfit together. How the solid, sturdy charcoal dissolutes into the ikat print shorts, and then again into the leopard print heels, where it almost disappears, but not quite so.

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It seduced me: the warmth of its wine hue, the richness of its brocade, and the subtle flirting of its skirt. I gave in almost instinctively. This plush dress has the ability of wrapping you in layers of tasteful elegance. And when paired with other earth tones, it makes up for a match made in Heaven, or should I say Earth? 

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