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Layers? Yes, Please!


The windy days are here, and though it may not be what it used to, with the actual fresh gusts that would make you shiver, we still get the considerably cold nights. The time to pull out your forgotten cardigans, and jackets has come. It may even be the excuse you had been waiting for to buy that flattering blazer or sweater. Whatever you do, remember that the key to this season in El Salvador is to layer, cause one minute you can be boiling and the next, freezing.

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Washed Out

As I have mentioned before, denim is having a major comeback, not that it ever left our closets for good, but if there was a moment for you to accrue denim pieces this is it! A few weeks back, I found a real treasure on the racks of Almacenes Simán (by far, the most relevant Salvadoran department store). These trousers/jeans are a chic take on denim. They elongate your figure, style up your look and still manage to be as comfortable as it gets. I LOVE, love, love them, and hope that you do as well!

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With all the Coachella vibes in the air, a boho look felt more than right. I love off-the-shoulder pieces and the flared sleeves on this top make it even more special. Pairing the blouse with shorts makes it perfect to beat the hot temperatures. To finish the look a gold backpack and a crown of flowers add the final boho details. 

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It seduced me: the warmth of its wine hue, the richness of its brocade, and the subtle flirting of its skirt. I gave in almost instinctively. This plush dress has the ability of wrapping you in layers of tasteful elegance. And when paired with other earth tones, it makes up for a match made in Heaven, or should I say Earth? 

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All White


I relish on well pulled off monochromatic outfits. There is something so exquisite, so chic, about a woman who is able to draw attention without even trying. The one colour looks are effortless and elegant, and when choosing the colour you can go bold (e.g. think pink) or demure (think neutrals)… It is your call!

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