Feeling Blue

I wanted to leave you all with a little Summer inspiration, and what can be more inspiring for this season than the hues of blue and turquoise of the beach? 

Women supporting women

La primera semana de Mayo fue una enfocada en la Mujer. Tuve el placer de conocer a chicas increíbles y valientes, fui parte de proyectos inspiradores y bailé nuevamente con viejas compañeras de mi academia de baile, Jazzing.  Esa semana, tuve una emocionante reunión con el equipo salvadoreño de la ONG internacional, Voces Vitales, y otras bloggers. La misión de Voces Vitales es la de “identificar, invertir enContinue reading “Women supporting women”

Weekend Bliss

For the most part, Spring is almost here! I’m talking about one of my favourite seasons that, this year, has proven to be filled with colour, and bright inspiration. So for the weekend, I wanted to leave you with a glimpse of the editorials and styling works that are currently in my head. Have aContinue reading “Weekend Bliss”