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Are you a runner?

40 minutes into the race and I was barely half way; after the 5th Kilometer, I seriously thought, I wasn’t going to finish the race.

I am not an athletic girl, I never was, and few months ago I thought I was never going to be one. I signed up for a 10K run; well, actually, my boyfriend did. I owe this initiative to “Mc Farland”, the movie. While watching it, I experienced a number of emotions, I laughed, I cried my eyes out, but what really stuck was that it made me think about my life goals, big and small.
The movie is about a cross country running team that is able to overcome not only a physical or mental challenge, but most importantly, they are able to destroy a social and economic barrier through a sport. Running for them is an expression of achieving their goals. The kids in the movie taught me that life is so wonderful, and that we have so little things to complain about. They also taught me that laziness is a word that should be removed from the dictionary, because when you want to do something, you just have to do it.

I started running on December 25th. Only because, on Christmas Eve, I assured to my brother that I was going to start doing it the next day. I ran one day, the next one, and the next. Then I stopped and I barely kept on doing it. I used to think that running was somehow pointless, if you run with someone, you can’t talk because you get a stomach-ache, it also makes no sense to move fast if you are going nowhere, and, on top of that, I found it boring. But then I realized that I ran because I wanted to be skinny, and it seemed like such a good work out. So I trained, and challenged myself. If Dany Díaz, from McFarland, made it, why couldn´t I? I had this on mind, and I made a really cool playlist on my phone, and decided to have fun. Besides, did you know all the benefits of running? It’s cheap, it’s therapeutic, it’s healthy, and it’s great if you run with someone, although you have little conversation, it’s good to have a bit of moral support.

So, back to the 10 Kilometer run, when I was halfway, I saw this kid on wheelchair, his mother was running with him, and he was shouting: “we can do it!” He had the biggest smile on his face, and I thought: “If he is here, I should be here too.” So I said I’ll run 1 more kilometer, and 1 more, and 1 more, and I ran as fast as I could. When the race was over, I found out that the non-athletic girl, ran the first 5 kilometers in 40 minutes, and the last 5, when I thought my body was about to give in, in only 25 minutes! When you have a reason to fight and challenge yourself, there’s nothing that can stop you. Let’s run!

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Distance means so little?

Could you be brave enough to refuse a dream for the person you love? I always asked this question. When you finish high school you already have a plan, or at least the idea of what you want your career to be. You begin to prepare yourself. You study hard, and have many objectives and dream jobs while you walk in your life achieving little and big goals. Suddenly you meet someone. Not just anyone, but someone who becomes really important in your life, whom you can’t live without. At the same time you get the scholarship you’ve been waiting for to continue studying abroad, or you get an opportunity to work in another city or country that would make it difficult to continue your relationship. It is not rare to listen these kinds of circumstances in the 21st century. We are more connected worldwide, and cultural interchanges are common. But what to do in this situation? Would you sing Jack Johnson’s song: “Back when all my little goals seem so important every pot of gold fill and full of distortion; Heaven was a place still in space not in motion but soon I got you, I got everything”?

One of the movies I enjoyed the most last year was “The Hundred-Foot Journey”, an American comedy-drama film directed by Lasse Hallström. The Kadam family runs a restaurant, and Hassan is the greatest chef of the Kadam Family. He falls in love with Marguerite, while Madame Mallory the owner of “Le Sale Pleureur” is trying to sabotage his Father’s restaurant. Marguerite teaches Hassan everything she knows, including all her tricks. Hassan having heard from Marguerite that Madame Mallory hires potential chefs by the taste of an omelet, prepares an omelet for her, and after tasting it, she offers him to work at her restaurant.

Thanks to Hassan´s cooking Madame Mallory’s restaurant receives its second Michelin Star, and he is offered a job in Paris. He leaves his family and Marguerite. He becomes famous, and popular. He has the career every chef would want, but at the end of the day he didn’t seem happy. He continuously thinks in his family and Marguerite, and after trying another Indian’s chef homemade dinner decides to return home. He reunites with Marguerite, and invites her to join him in a culinary business. It is true that if he would have never left the village, he wouldn’t have grown professionally. And he wouldn’t have been able to buy Madame Mallory’s restaurant. Maybe sometimes distance becomes an unavoidable phase in a relationship. I actually went to a wedding last weekend of a couple that were from different towns and had to travel more than 12 hours to see each other. You can manage with sacrifice to make it work out; there are always great weapons such as Viber, Skype, Facetime… But if you can chose where to live, what is most important?

I think a couple should take decisions together, and figure out what is the best choice for them as a team, if you are planning a lifelong love story, of course. And if you really love someone think what would happen in a few years if you can’t be next to that person, would it matter? It is selfish to stop the other person from reaching a dream; but it is also selfish to go after your dream no matter what, and no matter what the people next to you think. Fortunately Marguerite was available when Hassan came back to the village. Fortunately she forgave him for placing his career before her. What would Hassan have done without her after realizing he couldn’t bare living that way, although he reached more than what he thought he would? I love the end of this movie because it gives this lesson. When we step outside of ourselves and give the one we love the very best, we can be happier, because “to be happy, what you need is not an easy life but a heart which is in love”.

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Begin Again

 I just saw a movie that is simply unmissable . Not because the heartbreaker Adam Levine (I suppose you watched his video of Sugar), and Keira Knightley are the main characters. But because it is one of those movies you expect will be predictable, and it ends up being completely different from what you thought. Begin Again. I will not tell you exactly what it is about, because I don’t want to ruin the ending. Basically the movie has to do with second chances. A few weeks ago, we were celebrating New Years and we made a long list of resolutions for this year. It is a good start. Now that February is about to end, we may not be so excited as we were on January 1st. Who does not have that memory of the first day of school with the perfect notebook without corrections and a few weeks later, after the first time you used liquid paper, you were no longer interested in having it neat. What really matters is not whether you fall or not, but that you Begin Again.

We can make Resolutions of all kinds: get fit, follow a healthy diet, learn to dance salsa… It is very common to think things like: I want to learn Mandarin, or, hopefully, this year, I will get the scholarship I’ve been looking for. The most important thing to do is to think what we are going to do specifically to achieve that goal. If we don’t, we can end up in December with a “Next year I will … “. We are starting the year and maybe we’ve done many things, and we have things left undone. Probably something unexpected happened to you. You were fired, your boyfriend dumped you, or something good happened like you won a trip. Things that made you change your direction. It’s time to Begin Again, and with this we can have two attitudes: either let the situation control us or dominate the situation.

In the film many of these things happen. Dav and Gretta are dating and they move to New York, both are passionate about music. Dav puts all his strength into his personal projects, also before Gretta, logically the relationship ends. And what seemed the end of the world for Gretta finally opens many other doors and she finds out that she can be happier. I once read an ad that said “my boyfriend dumping me made me meet ​​the love of my life.” Sometimes it’s hard to overpass a sudden situation that makes you change something you really dreamed of. But as one of the songs from the movie says: “Turn the page, maybe we’ll find a brand new ending “. Begin again.

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Let’s talk about something


 Have you ever had the feeling that your daily life’s issues are completely different from what you see on TV or in magazines? And that you definitely do not fit in the modelling world? As fashion citizens, or at least city girls trying to be fashionable, we have many things in common. Let’s talk about relationships, health, lifestyles, and most importantly the things that make us happy. My name is Lulu Arrieta. I am not a doctor, a specialist or a mom trying to think for you. I’m just a communicator willing to listen and share ideas, in order to make our already messy life into something really joyful and worth striving for.  I have many ideas and questions in mind, and I always want to “talk about something”. Do you want to join?

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