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Quick Fix

Hi everyone! I trust your week is going well!
I have been told many, many times how hard it is to give me a gift. A gift that I will like and cherish. Well, my godmother sure hit the sweet spot when she bought this dress for me! The only reason why I haven’t worn it that much is because it is actually a bit big on me, and I just haven’t come around to tailoring it. However, I like it so much that I have used it a couple of times already. It struck me that wearing a t-shirt or body underneath would be a great solution to my current fitting problem. Add a waist belt to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a pretty cool ensemble. I encourage you all to get a tad creative when fixing these sorts of inconveniences. You never know what good look you can end up with!

Have a lovely weekend!

x A

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Comfort Outside Your Zone


At this point, I consider leopard print to be a neutral. The same as black, it pretty much goes with everything; but unlike the former one, it adds a special streak, a punch, if you will. What I like most about this outfit, is how comfortable it is. The cosiness of the top, the loose fit on the pants, and the smoothness of the slip-ons add up to a relaxed, almost stay-in all day look; yet the lace details on the top, the reserved colour of the pants, and the print on the slip-ons, got you covered to take the comfort outside your quarters. Maybe the reason for this is that as much as leopard is a neutral, when it is worn with measure, its alluring effect can take you anywhere!  

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Not Much Needed


I firmly stand for chic simplicity.  Friends constantly come to me asking for advice on how to accessorize an outfit. For the most part, they tend to think that if their look does not include an array of jewellery, it is incomplete. Less is more. It is never about HOW MUCH you wear, but more about WHAT you wear and what you want to draw attention to. While putting this outfit together, I realized that the laser-cut top was a stand-out on its own, so accessories seemed to be unnecessary. On top of that, this pair of heels already have an embellished strap, which to me, adds just the right amount of spark to the look.

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A Wardrobe Find


About a week ago, I found this random vest in my wardrobe… I sincerely think it belongs to my grandmother. You see, whenever she comes to El Salvador, I let her borrow my bedroom, so half of my closet is filled with her clothes. When I found this vest, I thought it would look good layered up with a denim jacket. I think the end result is actually pretty cool. What do you guys think?

PS: I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything lately. I’m back in Toronto only for a couple of weeks, which means I have lots to do, and little time to do it.

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