Time for the Sweaters

Sweater weather is real, people! Every year I tend to forget that temperatures do drop around this time in my country too. Not that our thermometers hit below zero, but we do get fresh mornings and brisk nights. I love chunky knits, but I don’t usually get to wear them here; however the past weeks haveContinue reading “Time for the Sweaters”

Let’s run the World!

A few days back, I woke up and felt the urge of spicing my look. Mixing a casual floral jumper, with a more unconventional pencil skirt created an outfit that was stylish and bold.  A pair of lace up ankle boots was the final touch for a powerful look that screams: Who runs the World?… and, well, you knowContinue reading “Let’s run the World!”

Tan Knit

I love the laid back feel of a knit jumper, and how it adds an effortless ease to your everyday look. This time I threw it over a little black dress and rolled up the sleeves for a cool final touch. 


For every girl out there that owns, or has tried on a pair of boyfriend jeans, it is no secret that these come up big. Now I have been wanting to get my hands on a pair for a long time; but ironically enough, if there is one thing I can’t stand, is not having theContinue reading “Compromise”


Details. I’ve been taught by life that greatness, and success, both lie on the littlest details. And I like translating that idea to my every day dressing. That is why, an embellishment here, and a bit of lace there, are not insignificant nuances, but enticing, fine particularities that make all the difference. Take a basic jumper, pepperContinue reading “Nuances”