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Time for the Sweaters


Sweater weather is real, people! Every year I tend to forget that temperatures do drop around this time in my country too. Not that our thermometers hit below zero, but we do get fresh mornings and brisk nights.

I love chunky knits, but I don’t usually get to wear them here; however the past weeks have given us the chance to get all cosy in warm socks and sweaters. And around here it doesn’t get any more Christmassy than this, I guess?  

I hope you guys like it, and sorry about my absence lately! 

Love, A

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Let’s run the World!


A few days back, I woke up and felt the urge of spicing my look. Mixing a casual floral jumper, with a more unconventional pencil skirt created an outfit that was stylish and bold.  A pair of lace up ankle boots was the final touch for a powerful look that screams: Who runs the World?… and, well, you know how it goes!

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Tan Knit


I love the laid back feel of a knit jumper, and how it adds an effortless ease to your everyday look. This time I threw it over a little black dress and rolled up the sleeves for a cool final touch. 

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For every girl out there that owns, or has tried on a pair of boyfriend jeans, it is no secret that these come up big. Now I have been wanting to get my hands on a pair for a long time; but ironically enough, if there is one thing I can’t stand, is not having the jeans fit properly at my hips. I hate being forced to pull my pants up every other minute because of their incompetence to grip, and stubborn will to fall off. But there is so much one can resist, when inevitably the stylish nature of bf jeans keeps poking at us. It is popular knowledge that no relationship works without compromise. So here I am, compromising comfort for style, and so that it may stay on record, I am also providing the rightful evidence.

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Details. I’ve been taught by life that greatness, and success, both lie on the littlest details. And I like translating that idea to my every day dressing. That is why, an embellishment here, and a bit of lace there, are not insignificant nuances, but enticing, fine particularities that make all the difference. Take a basic jumper, pepper it with a few tumbling beads on the shoulders, and voilà!

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