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Starry Night

I had to stop myself from crying. It was a very emotional moment to see Lumi sprint down the runway, stand mid-catwalk and shyly, but excitedly grin to the roaring crowd. It was all I could do not to race to where she was, and shamelessly embrace her. I didn’t think I would feel such a whirlwind of emotions surge inside of me, but I did.

Weeks before that moment, I received a text: “Andrea, I would like to dress you for fashion week”. “YASS!!” My heart leapt for joy! For me, who am a total sucker for the brand, there was no better way to show up at fashion week, than dressed up in Lumi!

Two days before the shows, I squeezed in a fitting into my schedule. When Lumi showed me the collection, it made me shiver! It was SOOO GOOD!! I was left pining for every piece. The thrill multiplied by 3 when the models strolled past my eyes. Seeing Lumi shine at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week El Salvador, made me swell with pride. Wearing this cute look, gave me the splendid sensation of being a part of something great, something vast as a starry night. Bravo, Lumi!


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Leggings for a change


I am not what you would call a leggings fan. As a matter of fact, if anything, I am its enemy (I would burn them all down if I could). However, I have to admit that for this look, the leggings actually work because of the length of the top. I love the combination of snakeskin and faux-leather: it’s daring, sexy, and somewhat powerful. To pull the look together I wore it with silver shoes and jewellery. I hope you guys like it!

PS: I just received my order of flash tattoos and they are unbelievably cool! I tried them out as the dotted gold ring on my finger. You got to love them!

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Pick of the Week: Typhoon

If you know me well enough, you know that I have a weakness for shoes. Let them be loafers, lace-ups, boots, or heels… especially heels. I’ve been told, by very qualified sources, that I have a good eye for spotting amazing shoes.

If you know me a little bit deeper, you know that I have an even bigger weakness when it comes to Jimmy Choo‘s, because what is there not to love about them? Okay, maybe they are not the Nike Airs of high heels (I give that credit to Zanotti’s.) But in terms of beauty… well, do I really need to explain?

Last July, at their Resort 2014 Press Day in London, I was awestruck. Mirrored clutches with big prints of lips and champagne glasses, stilettos in delicious pastel hues, a few bows here and a few sparkles there… Everything, even their new offices, was beautiful! One of the styles that caught my eye was Typhoon: a three coloured pointy-toe heel with two sensuous straps that wrap around the foot firmly. Out of their multiple colour combinations, this is my favourite one. Without a doubt, a little piece of perfection!

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Oldschool Inspiration


Throwbacks are fun. I enjoy flipping through pictures and reliving moments; old pictures that take me to happy places. I always gather something good out of them. A good feeling, a good resolution, a good laugh. Last time I flipped through my High School photos, I was unexpectedly inspired. Even though I was never a fashionable teenager, looking back at my friends and myself, I got the urge of wearing a kilt again. As ugly and unstylish as it seemed to me back then, I couldn’t help myself from coveting it now, and even more so as tartan is such a current trend. Precisely because of that, I thought that finding a cute mini kilt would be a piece of cake. But I was wrong. All my efforts were futile. Until one day, a friend of mine offered to pass on to me her old High School kilt. She said she had never worn it since after graduation and she definitely never would again. I was thrilled! One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure! So I styled the old school kilt according to my own personal coordinates. I had put so much work into chasing after one, that wearing it felt just as exciting as a first day of school!

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