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I’ve already mentioned before my love for interior design. There’s something about creating warm and inviting ambiances that sooth you after a long work day. Hence, when I step in a place that offers me an eye-catching piece of decoration, I always appreciate it. My visits to “Hecho en Casa”, a small space devoted to showcasing everything from clothes to furniture, strictly designed and made in El Salvador, are always a chance to find interesting pieces. I came by a few weeks ago and loved the atypical luminaire display on their outside balcony. I hope you find it as inspiring as I did!

Sending you a spark of love!
x A

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Work, Work, Work


I’ve been remodeling my room for over a year now. It is not a matter of indecision, all the opposite, it is a matter of knowing exactly how I want it to be, and getting frustrated at the fact that there are no good furniture offers in the Salvadoran design market. Last weekend, I did a final attempt at finding my dream vanity table, and I came to the conclusion that my only option is to get it design accordingly to my specifications. 

Not only that, but now I have also realized that I am in urgent need of a small working space… (since my bed has never been a suitable desk.) Sadly, I have the ominous feeling that the pret-a-acheter desks will not fulfill my requirements either. This notion has pushed me into a Pinterest/Instagram hunt for inspiration on a small office space. As I am sure I am not the only one in this type of predicaments, I though I might share with all of you a few stylish work spaces that I have stumbled upon, should you find yourself looking for inspiration. 

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Green Walls


Have I ever told you that I was once obsessed with interior design?
I would spend hours watching Divine Design and Design on a Dime yearning over the breathtaking transformations, and desiring to one day create sickly beautiful ambiances as the ones that Candice Olson so effortlessly delivered. As life happened, my career steered on a different path, but my appreciation and love of masterful interiors has never left me. I have to say, this is probably one of the reasons why, Lobby, a chic restaurant in the heart of San Salvador, has quickly become one of my favourite places to go to. So don’t be surprised if you see me drinking a few cocktails, or having a big mouthful of their succulent hummus and muhammara any time soon!

Happy Tuesday sweethearts!

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