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There is a new favourite kid in my town, and that is Studio Makeup’s Merlot Lipstick. The plush shade has a certain class to it, and it goes very well with light skin colours. Considering this to be an almost all-black look, adding little strokes of vibrant tones here and there, gives an extra interest to the outfit. I hope you like it!

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Charcoal draping


As I sit down, cup of coffee in my hand, skipping from one picture to another of this black and white outfit, I wonder what it is about this top that seems so proper, and so right. Maybe it’s the black? Maybe it’s the fabric? I actually think it is the way it gently drapes, softening every edge, and every curve. Later, when looking at the whole of it, I realize how the colour perfectly holds the outfit together. How the solid, sturdy charcoal dissolutes into the ikat print shorts, and then again into the leopard print heels, where it almost disappears, but not quite so.

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