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Sweet Pastels


Today’s look is perfect for Spring. The pastels, the sheerness, and the flower applications create a sweet ensemble that I would wear any day. The oufit works well with both high heels or flat sandals. The final touch is this basket handbag, which has a very special meaning to me as it was a present from a dear friend.  I hope you lilke it!

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London: Just Like Home!


One of the perks of living in many different places is that you meet wonderful, new people. One of the disadvantages of living in many different places is having to say goodbye. London is one of the cities that has left an indelible mark on me. When I’m there, I don’t feel like an outsider; I don’t consider myself as a tourist. It’s easy to spot a tourist from miles away. They usually have a slight lost, but amazed look on them. They’re always carrying one, or two, or even three cameras with them, and if they don’t snap a shot every other minute, they’re not really living the experience. We have all been tourists at least once in our lives. But in London, I’m not one. This is a city that really feels like home to me. I guess that’s why I don’t feel the urge to capture every historic place, monument or moment. Although I would love to share with you all the amazingness that makes London shine, I’m afraid, that this time, I was a lousy blogger. With this said, I wanna leave you with a few pictures of my recent trip to London!

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A Snake Print Dress


We’re currently in that funny period of time when all the in-store collections shout SPRING, SPRING, SPRING, but the Winter outside continues to freeze our brains out! It is good though, because we can be creative with our outfits by mixing spring clothes with winter ones. I recently bought this snakeskin dress. I love it! However, with the cold outside, I still find it cruel to wear without layers. So here’s how I styled it a few days ago! 

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Back to Zero


We’re still deep in snow in Toronto. And it actually looks like Spring is going to play hard to get this year… At least this past Saturday, the cold temperatures gave in a bit, and the thermometer miraculously hit 0°C. My friends and I could finally go for a walk in the city, and visit the campus of the University of Toronto with its beautiful old buildings. Although it snowed on us later that night, it was a rather magical stroll. And maybe it’s because I’m going back to El Salvador soon, but for once, I didn’t care about the cold as much.

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