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Are you a runner?

40 minutes into the race and I was barely half way; after the 5th Kilometer, I seriously thought, I wasn’t going to finish the race.

I am not an athletic girl, I never was, and few months ago I thought I was never going to be one. I signed up for a 10K run; well, actually, my boyfriend did. I owe this initiative to “Mc Farland”, the movie. While watching it, I experienced a number of emotions, I laughed, I cried my eyes out, but what really stuck was that it made me think about my life goals, big and small.
The movie is about a cross country running team that is able to overcome not only a physical or mental challenge, but most importantly, they are able to destroy a social and economic barrier through a sport. Running for them is an expression of achieving their goals. The kids in the movie taught me that life is so wonderful, and that we have so little things to complain about. They also taught me that laziness is a word that should be removed from the dictionary, because when you want to do something, you just have to do it.

I started running on December 25th. Only because, on Christmas Eve, I assured to my brother that I was going to start doing it the next day. I ran one day, the next one, and the next. Then I stopped and I barely kept on doing it. I used to think that running was somehow pointless, if you run with someone, you can’t talk because you get a stomach-ache, it also makes no sense to move fast if you are going nowhere, and, on top of that, I found it boring. But then I realized that I ran because I wanted to be skinny, and it seemed like such a good work out. So I trained, and challenged myself. If Dany Díaz, from McFarland, made it, why couldn´t I? I had this on mind, and I made a really cool playlist on my phone, and decided to have fun. Besides, did you know all the benefits of running? It’s cheap, it’s therapeutic, it’s healthy, and it’s great if you run with someone, although you have little conversation, it’s good to have a bit of moral support.

So, back to the 10 Kilometer run, when I was halfway, I saw this kid on wheelchair, his mother was running with him, and he was shouting: “we can do it!” He had the biggest smile on his face, and I thought: “If he is here, I should be here too.” So I said I’ll run 1 more kilometer, and 1 more, and 1 more, and I ran as fast as I could. When the race was over, I found out that the non-athletic girl, ran the first 5 kilometers in 40 minutes, and the last 5, when I thought my body was about to give in, in only 25 minutes! When you have a reason to fight and challenge yourself, there’s nothing that can stop you. Let’s run!

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Relationship Status

Single, taken, or waiting for Mr. Darcy?  This question appears to be one of the main questions we women constantly ask in our lives. Since we are young we grow up with the idea of finding the blue prince, marry, and live happily ever after. But how long do we have to wait for that perfect prince? Or if you think you have found him, how do you know he is the one?

First you need to know what type of relationship you want. The one that is only touch and go, or a life long relationship. Believe me, the second one is possible. Why is it important to stick to this idea? Because in order to find what you are looking for, sometimes you’ll have to be brave enough to let go of someone you actually like, when he doesn’t want what you do, or someone who can’t do good to you. You also need to act, dress, and talk according to your idea, otherwise you will end up off track.

You need to find not a Mr. Darcy, but the perfect version of him for you. Probably he won’t have a castle like in the movie, but would your guy do everything that’s in his possibilities to make you the happiest Miss Elizabeth on Earth? That’s the question. A man needs to give himself, his time, his manners, his money when he invites you to a date, and of course he needs to listen, to all of our dramatic problems. When he does, he feels needed, a superhero, and this feelings make him happy. The problem is sometimes we don’t like to receive, and sometimes we are very demanding. My mom always told me: “not to easy, you’ll get him bored, no to difficult, you’ll make him quit”. The perfect balance is between both attitudes.

The type of man that loves you and would like to be with you forever can’t get use to open the door for you, take you flowers now or then, let you decide what to eat, go with you shopping, or anything else. This little things let you know he is into you. Sometimes the problem is he is perfect, you love his behavior, his good feelings, but not him. “When you love someone your heartbeat beats so loud, when you love someone your feet can’t feel the ground”, that’s what Jason Mraz says and he is very accurate. How do you know when you love someone? There are many symptoms. You only want to be with him, you would do anything for him, when you are together time runs out fast, you share so many things in common, and he makes you laugh. You are like friends. The perfect man for you will catch you if you fall, and you would definitely want him to be there if you do fall.

So what if you are single right know? Do not despair, nor fall asleep. Meet new people, have fun, make a list of all the things you always wanted to do, because now is the moment to do them. Sooner or later you’ll meet this guy that will knock you out of your feet,  it doesn’t matter how many first dates you had, but never forget who you are and who you want to be with. Be authentic, be fashionable, smile, and most importantly, be you.

And if you already found your Mr. Darcy, take good care of him, and never take him for granted.

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Clash of Prints


In Ecuador, there are currently two places that have been labeled as the middle point of the world. The historic one was determined by French scientists in the XVIIIc. However, the research conducted afterwards demonstrated that the real middle of the world lies about 200m away.

I was lucky to visit both and do a quick photoshoot at the Middle of the World City, a small village created around the monument for the equator. Mismatching prints is one of my favourite trends, and on this occasion I combined a pair of cameo jeans with a leopard print scarf. I really like how the colours give a special harmony to the outfit. To tone down the look, I wore a plain white tee. Let me know what you think! 

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Summer Dress


This time I have a pretty good excuse for my absence in the past week… I’m currently on a family trip. We really haven’t stopped. As a matter of fact, I don’t have much time on my hands right now, but I really wanted to post a quick update.

Here is an outfit I’ve been meaning to share with you for a while. I love the easiness of this summer dress, which I can assure you will definitely look even better once I get a decent tan! In addition, the denim jacket maintains the laid-back mood. You can also pair it with flat sandals for a perfect beach look. One of my favourite accessories for this outfit are the friendship bracelets. They surely add that needed punch of colour! 

I got to go now, but I promise some great photographs are coming up soon! 🙂

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An Old Shed


There’s a small shed close to my home that I drive by everyday. I hadn’t noticed it before because it’s hiding behind a shrubbery. I caught a glimpse of it through the bushes while I was pretending to exercise by walking, a few weeks ago. I realized then that its barren brick walls could probably make up for a nice set. And so I decided to put my denim shorts on and explore the area a bit further. In this post you can see the result of the shoot. I have to admit, it was a bit creepy to sneak around the old house, and, call me a coward but, I don’t think I will be going near it again any time soon.

PS: With this post I would like to introduce you to one of my new photographers: Gabriela Panameño. I hope you like the pictures (Thanks Gaby!).

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Eternal Spring


We don’t know what we have until it’s gone, or until we leave it behind. The latter one very much applies to me. I have been out of El Salvador for about seven years now…Wow, they went by fast! Spain, UK, Canada… yeah, it sounds frantic… and it actually has been. Every time I come back home to rest for a bit, it feels as if my life has been suddenly paused. And I can take everything in with much more amazement! I enjoy how it is Spring/Summer for about half the year, how the flowers are always in bloom and the greens are always green, and how the sun comes out everyday even if it’s only for ten minutes. Sometimes, it feels good to push the pause button in our lives, and realize how lucky we truly are. 

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