Are you a runner?

40 minutes into the race and I was barely half way; after the 5th Kilometer, I seriously thought, I wasn’t going to finish the race. I am not an athletic girl, I never was, and few months ago I thought I was never going to be one. I signed up for a 10K run; well,Continue reading “Are you a runner?”

Relationship Status

Single, taken, or waiting for Mr. Darcy?  This question appears to be one of the main questions we women constantly ask in our lives. Since we are young we grow up with the idea of finding the blue prince, marry, and live happily ever after. But how long do we have to wait for that perfectContinue reading “Relationship Status”

Clash of Prints

In Ecuador, there are currently two places that have been labeled as the middle point of the world. The historic one was determined by French scientists in the XVIIIc. However, the research conducted afterwards demonstrated that the real middle of the world lies about 200m away. I was lucky to visit both and do a quick photoshoot at theContinue reading “Clash of Prints”

Summer Dress

This time I have a pretty good excuse for my absence in the past week… I’m currently on a family trip. We really haven’t stopped. As a matter of fact, I don’t have much time on my hands right now, but I really wanted to post a quick update. Here is an outfit I’ve been meaningContinue reading “Summer Dress”

An Old Shed

There’s a small shed close to my home that I drive by everyday. I hadn’t noticed it before because it’s hiding behind a shrubbery. I caught a glimpse of it through the bushes while I was pretending to exercise by walking, a few weeks ago. I realized then that its barren brick walls could probably make upContinue reading “An Old Shed”

Eternal Spring

We don’t know what we have until it’s gone, or until we leave it behind. The latter one very much applies to me. I have been out of El Salvador for about seven years now…Wow, they went by fast! Spain, UK, Canada… yeah, it sounds frantic… and it actually has been. Every time I comeContinue reading “Eternal Spring”