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Pick of the Week: Altuzarra x Target

target-altuzarra-ad-3This week will witness the launching of the latest fashion collaboration for Target. Altuzarra, currently one of the most sought out designers, has teamed up with the big mass market store. And the pieces are hot, hot, HOT, straight out of the oven. The beautiful garments really seem to follow Altuzarra’s understanding of fashion, “that it (fashion) can be transformative, changing not just the way you look, but also the way you feel”. The collection is scheduled to hit stores on September 14th. I wanted to leave you with a selection of my favourite pieces, but you can check the whole line on Target’s website.

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On Top


We shot this outfit post on the very top of Pisac, one of the many Inca sites found in Peru. The view was absolutely stunning, and although we were at a considerable height, the sun kept us warm most of the time.

As for this look, I love the leather cuff detail on the dress, and to add an extra touch I wore it with a jewelled collar shirt underneath. Finally my super comfortable boots were a much needed accessory to be able to make it to the top. I hope you like it!

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Unwrap It!

Marc Jacobs

Going over Marc Jacobs Cruise 2015 collection was like unwrapping a shimmering mid-year present. It’s like one of those gifts that shimmer so brightly, you actually consider not unwrapping it at all. It seems as if that was what the designers at MJ had in mind when they came up with Resort 2015. Why choose between the colourful wrapping paper, the lush ribbons or the glossy bows, when the sight of them combined brings us such excitement?

If I am an accessory-holic (and there is a big chance of it), then I have definitely found accessories to indulge in. Shoes and handbags were all-glitter, all-bows, all-embellishments. And don’t even get me started on the boots (which have a high resemblance to Saint Laurent AW14 ones, if I may point out). Guipure lace here and there also made a stellar appearance in the form of dresses and trousers. This was surely a season made only for the lively ones!

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Perfect Imperfections


Thanks to imperfections, we can perceive and aspire perfection. In fact, it is the imperfections that make the realities around us more interesting. Even the fashion industry embraces imperfections every-so-often as a quest for originality and authenticity. Gap teeth, cat eyes, untamed eyebrows… and in my case ladders in my tights. I hate it so badly when it happens! But the other day, as I was searching for a pair of tights in my drawer, I thought, “Why not just embrace the imperfection?!”. And it actually looked cool! It looked grunge cool. Like “I don’t give a damn” cool! Sometimes, we should just stop fighting the imperfections, and learn how to love them instead.

PS: Talking about imperfections, I am super happy to show you guys my very first GIF! It has loads of flaws, but I still love it! (Scroll down to check it out.)

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Back to Zero


We’re still deep in snow in Toronto. And it actually looks like Spring is going to play hard to get this year… At least this past Saturday, the cold temperatures gave in a bit, and the thermometer miraculously hit 0°C. My friends and I could finally go for a walk in the city, and visit the campus of the University of Toronto with its beautiful old buildings. Although it snowed on us later that night, it was a rather magical stroll. And maybe it’s because I’m going back to El Salvador soon, but for once, I didn’t care about the cold as much.

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A Short Visit!


It feels good to stop. This is the first time I have done it in the last couple of weeks! My sister, Graciela, came to Canada for a quick visit, and we made the most out of it. Toronto, Cambridge, Montreal, Ottawa…I told you it has been non-stop, but it was definitely worth it! 

Luckily, I managed to take a few shots at our hotel in Montreal. My gorgeous, lovely sister took the photos for me. Since we were walking like there was no tomorrow, I kept my outfits as simple and comfy as possible. Knowing me and my love for sparkles, I always tried to add a special detail to my looks, such as the jewelled collar on this white shirt. Also, I was so happy that the new pair of flat boots I had just purchased back home came in handy! 

PS: There’s a little surprise at the end of the post!

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