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Peeling Sleeves

Hi lovely ones! If you have been keeping up with the runways, you must have realized that one of the upcoming trends are slitted sleeves. Designers have turned the flared sleeves trend up a notch by slicing straight through them. The new silhouette makes up for a very classy look. Although this blazer could be more accurately included under the cape trend, it can still be considered within the slit sleeve trend’s borderlines. It has become one of my go to layering pieces for work days, particularly because it is super easy to wear and perfect for elevating any look.


PS: Aren’t these flats to die for? Talk about smart footwear!

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Through the Looking Glass


Hi beautiful people! I love this white blazer: it is smart, sharp, and chic. It completely dresses up any look, even if you are wearing tie die denim shorts and a backless bodysuit. Have a lovely end of the week!

x A

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Crazy for the 70’s


Fringe, pussy bows, and mini skirts, are only a few of the staples that pinpoint the 70’s trend. Inspired by those revolutionary years, I put together a look in a neutral colour palette. I hope you like it!

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Sal y Luz


My dad has a thing for discovering new eating destinies, and as his daughter he has infused me with the same interest. Here in El Salvador, where everything comes in small doses, you could easily feel like you already know each and every single eating joint there is. That is why, whenever I discover a new restaurant, the first person I think of is in my Dad, and how we should both try the place out. One of my most recent discoveries was a petite Boutique Hotel lost in the middle of the city. Sal y Luz, is a sophisticated, and tasteful, pocket size Hotel. Not only is it an eye-catching architectural piece, compared to what we are used to in my country, packed with luscious interior decor; but the hotel’s restaurant brings that same exquisite feel to your plate. A place, where the only rule is to let yourself be carried away, and be prepared to be surprised.   

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Button Up!


Button up skirts are in. Material, and length are trivial issues: let them be denim, suede, or cotton; mini, or midi; they are just in. This denim mini comes across as a playful number that will guarantee your look to be stylish, fun, and weekend friendly. Combining it with a bright top and a printed blazer seemed like the right idea, and girly flats were a no-brainer. I hope you like it!

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Tomboy Jeans


Layering is one of my favourite ways to creating interesting outfits. The striped blazer, on this look, balances out the lose fit of both the jeans, and the jumper. Adding a pair of stilettos, and a feminine handbag pulls the look together and makes it perfect for going from meetings to running errands.

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