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MBFWSV: Andrea Ayala


Desde hace ratos, deseábamos ver a Andrea Ayala brillar en una pasarela y, al fin, se nos concedió. La colección complació gratamente, colmando el salón de lazos, flores y grandes vuelos. El factor omnipresente de la pasarela, que aportó cohesión a la propuesta, fue la feminidad. Una feminidad, tierna y sensual, a la vez; una feminidad, que dejó al descubierto hombros, clavículas y espaldas; una feminidad, que, ante todo, infundía sofisticación.

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MBFWSV: Rosas y Tonos Pastel


En este MBFWSV, Andrea Ayala se lució con una colección fiel a su estilo personal. La dulzura y la feminidad reinaron en una pasarela matizada principalmente en tonos blancos, rosa pastel y grises. Los cuadros y las rayas no faltaron, al igual que las rosas que, además de ir entrelazadas a forma de tiara en los cabellos, se presentaron también adornando unos cuantos vestidos.

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MBFD: Andrea Ayala


For her latest collection, Andrea Ayala sought for inspiration in the work of Roberto Rivera, a relevant Salvadoran artist, who has caught the eye of the artistic industry for his very unique way of conveying his understanding of the world.

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MBFWSV: Wrapping it up!

photo 4

Summer Dream by Almacenes Simán

It was a long, arduous run to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, but looking back now, with a glass of perspective, it was really all worth it. The Salvadoran fashion industry became the center of attention in a way that it had never been before.

All of the shows were up to Mercedes Benz standards, and each one of them gave us a little something to relish on. The international ones: Guishem, Glaudi, Maria’s Bag, and Maison Escarlata showed us a bit of what our industry should aspire to be. Almacenes Simán took us in a journey to their own Summer Dream, where fashion and beauty bond perfectly. Andrea Ayala, Monica Arguedas, and AGR Jewellery proved us that there is a lot of potential in our tiny country. And the students gave us the crazy more creative twist that proves that fashion is also an art form.

Out of the six main collections presented, I would like to pin point two: Andrea Ayala and Monica Arguedas (mainly because they have been a part of Fashion Week El Salvador for a while now). It is no surprise that I liked Andrea Ayala’s designs, but this time, it was different, she blew my mind. The collection felt grown, filled with elegance, beauty, and sophistication. Inspired by the changing colours of the sunset, Andrea Ayala presented us with ethereal pieces that I’m sure many of us can’t wait to get our hands on.

On day 3 of MBFWSV, we were amazed by Monica Arguedas’s collection: 2.17. It was memorable. I have seen a couple of collections by the designer before, but I was yet to be impressed. However, that night, was HER night. Down the runway came a beautiful display of colours, prints, and textures. The design was inspiring; the execution, flawless; and the hair and make-up were on point. Every detail was taken care off, and the final result was a strong and chic collection.

I leave you with a few images of MBFWSV 2015. x

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It is crazy exciting what will happen this week! For the first time ever, and after a very long wait, thousands of rumours and expectations, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will take place in El Salvador. We are talking about a GIANORMOUS deal for the fashion industry in my country. There has been so much buzz surrounding the event that one can’t help but feel nervously thrilled about it all. It is, without a doubt, the Salvadoran fashion event of the year. Along with the national people of the industry, international brands, designers, fashion ambassadors and important figures will also be a part of it. It will all begin with a very special cocktail, that will also showcase the collections of two great Guatemalan accessories’s designers: Maria’s Bag & Maison Escarlata. The next three days will be fully devoted to fashion runways, including well established designers as well as new & upcoming ones. 

The curtains will rise, the cameras will flash, and our beloved, young fashion industry, will be placed under the spotlight. However, I’m sure that what we’ll see will be worth the while and will prove that El Salvador is one of the leading countries in Central America in terms of fashion. Cheers to that!

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SVFW14 Holiday


Last week was the second time I had the chance of attending SVFW; a very inspiring event that keeps on surprising me more and more with every edition. Three days. Nine designers. Countless of thrilling emotions.

I didn’t want to go beyond this week without sharing with all of you my favourite looks proposed by the salvadoran up & coming cool young designers. Although the sources of inspiration for the collections were all very different, they all rose to the occasion and proved us, that this little country has quite a talented crowd pushing for the fashion industry.

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