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Couture High Notes


Alexandre Vauthier

Fashion month is slowly but surely crawling up on our calendars. Scrumptious appetizers have been already served in the form of exquisite haute couture looks.  An array of frothy tulles, swift silks, and glinting embellishments were amongst the ambrosial hors d’ouevres. I am leaving you with with a brief recap of what have been my top looks so far.

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Back to Reality


“I’m trying to bring a lot of reality to Dior, which relates to how women live their lives today,” said Raf Simons to The Independent last weekend, and then he gave us AW14 Couture. Actions do speak louder than words… Let go of the idea that Couture is made to be worn solely to once in a life time occasions. Dior Fall 2014 Couture was a collection intended to be incorporated into women’s daily wardrobes. And isn’t that the most supreme expression of luxury? Buying a couture piece and mix matching it with ones day to day attires? 

As wearable as the pieces are, the craftsmanship and intricate detailing are still visible in the garments. The lines, the buttons, and the embroideries are there to remind us that it is still Couture we are talking about.

If there was something that made my heart jump, it would be the floor length coats. They were so elegant, so beautiful, so wearable! Yes, this was a collection designed for the women of today.

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