Gold Reflections

With all the 70’s love in the air, falling for certain bits and pieces seems inevitable. Velvety, long dresses are ideal for a weekend, laid-back look, particularly if you are not willing to compromise in style. And what’s more 70’s than fringe? This tan satchel is the perfect fit for this outfit. I added my trusty, superContinue reading “Gold Reflections”

A Tropical Rain Forest

I always remember about the fact that I live in a tropical country, whenever the rainy season pours down over us. I’m talking about real storms. Not a drizzle, but an actual thunders, cats & dogs scenario. Inspired by the idea of a tropical rain forest, I grabbed my Bambi jumper and set it freeContinue reading “A Tropical Rain Forest”

Black lace top (2/3)

For the second look of the black lace top, I decided to go mid-riff all the way. I combined the crop top with my adored pair of high waisted polka dot trousers. To give the outfit a more day look, I wore my sister’s flat sandals (Hi Grace! ☺) and barely any jewellery. This time, the only pop of colourContinue reading “Black lace top (2/3)”

I’m back!

I’m back in El Salvador, and I plan on sticking around for a while. It will be a great time to rediscover my hometown and to be close to my family and friends. This photoshoot was taken at a member’s country club. I used to spend a lot of my spare time after school here with myContinue reading “I’m back!”

Back to Zero

We’re still deep in snow in Toronto. And it actually looks like Spring is going to play hard to get this year… At least this past Saturday, the cold temperatures gave in a bit, and the thermometer miraculously hit 0°C. My friends and I could finally go for a walk in the city, and visitContinue reading “Back to Zero”