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It is crazy exciting what will happen this week! For the first time ever, and after a very long wait, thousands of rumours and expectations, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will take place in El Salvador. We are talking about a GIANORMOUS deal for the fashion industry in my country. There has been so much buzz surrounding the event that one can’t help but feel nervously thrilled about it all. It is, without a doubt, the Salvadoran fashion event of the year. Along with the national people of the industry, international brands, designers, fashion ambassadors and important figures will also be a part of it. It will all begin with a very special cocktail, that will also showcase the collections of two great Guatemalan accessories’s designers: Maria’s Bag & Maison Escarlata. The next three days will be fully devoted to fashion runways, including well established designers as well as new & upcoming ones. 

The curtains will rise, the cameras will flash, and our beloved, young fashion industry, will be placed under the spotlight. However, I’m sure that what we’ll see will be worth the while and will prove that El Salvador is one of the leading countries in Central America in terms of fashion. Cheers to that!

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