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What’s New: Mon Guerlain

Hi gorgeous people! About a month ago I was invited to a private preview of a new fragrance. It was a very busy February afternoon, and the surroundings of the Barceló Hotel were car jammed. After 15 minutes of desperately searching for a parking spot, I finally dashed into the foyer of the hotel, and up to its opulent Mezanine, were a selected group of people -ranging from press, to opinion leaders, to image consultants- gathered in animated expectation. Ten minutes later, the doors of a small, barely lit salon opened. Despite the various test tubes and erlenmeyer flasks, carefully arranged on tables and shelf units around the room, a white loveseat and various ottomans, encircling a lacquered coffee table, in the middle of the suite, gave the room a homely feel.

Once we were all settled in, the poised representative of Guerlain Latin America, a well suited gentleman, talked us through the brand’s new big release. Everything about it was exquisite. The inspiration, the product, the campaign; it was all beautifully curated to deliver us with an exceptional fragrance. What I was expecting to be a stifling, overly sweet essence, actually turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I sprayed a dash of Mon Guerlain on the back of my wrist and already my nosebuds could pick up the elegantly fresh, but lavish smell of the perfume. As each one of the attendees showered their wrists and necks with the iridescent pink essence, a rich lavender aroma, tinted with notes of vanilla, jasmine, and wood wafted daintily filling up the suite. By then, flutes of champagne and chocolate coated strawberries were brought about by a couple of black and white clad waiters. Later that evening, I was amazed at the long-lasting effect of the luscious perfume, which made me even more obsessed about it. I truly, wish you can all try the new fragrance which is now available at Almacenes Simán

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Victoria Beckham x Target!

Hush, hush to all the once critical, finger-pointing skeptics that belittled Victoria Beckham’s drastic move into fashion. With her recently launched look book for Target, she has proven her worth one more time. The Spring collection is a gorgeous concoction of gingham, scallops, and color, all sprinkled about in a size-inclusive array, making palpable that: “The inspiration behind this campaign was a world of possibilities-make-believe, imagination, and the unexpected,” as stated by Beckham. 

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What’s New: Dolce Trucco


The newest place in town is a cute, little corner shop that counts with a sweet array of scrumptious pastries and more. Dolce Trucco opened last week and soughts to bring together the worlds of beauty and food. The italian named store offers international make up brands such as Sephora, Kiko, Urban Decay, Too Faced, etc. On the baking front, Dolce Trucco brings to the table a delicious menu of cakes, cookies, and other desserts. Word of advise: give their Oreo cheesecake a try… it’s got a perfect balance between the crunchiness of its cookie crust and the creaminess of its filling!

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What’s New: Brieé


About a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend the launch of Brieé, a new lingerie brand; the peculiarity of which being that although Kathy Siegert, the designer of the line, is Colombian, the brand has been created specially with the Salvadoran woman in mind. As a Salvadoran myself, I have pondered before why we have such a limited selection of luxury lingerie brands in the country. It probably has to do with the fact that we do not perceive lingerie as part of our outfits, but simply as undergarments. However, more and more have we come to be in relation with these types of brands, and it is surely exciting to see the market grow. For what I could see and experience, Brieé puts on the table an interesting offer of lingerie that can sometimes even become a part of our outfits… and as a dirty, little secret, let me admit that I do love to show a bit of lace under my tops and shirts every once in a while.  

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