Diary of a pseudo-broke girl

There are times in a girl’s life, when the shopaholic brat, inside of her, blinds her choices and rules her actions. As a fashion lover, I can’t deny it, that part of me, wants to get its way more times than I can recall, but I tend to be very rational about it. Nevertheless, I am still onlyContinue reading “Diary of a pseudo-broke girl”

Auténticos de carne y hueso

En las últimas semanas, -y hasta que desconecté el setting de notificación-, mi celular no ha parado de vibrar emocionado con avisos de “So & so started a live video. Watch it before it ends!“. Aún más, ayer la nueva actualización de Whatsapp, causó revuelo. Ya no basta con una foto de perfil, ahora también tenemos “WhatsappContinue reading “Auténticos de carne y hueso”

A better you

Now that the new year is here, I am sure we are filled with excitement, and desire the to be better, to dare more, and to strive for greatness; in two words: TO CHANGE. In the little attempt to do so, I have been thinking that change doesn’t always need to be drastic. Most big changesContinue reading “A better you”

Are you a runner?

40 minutes into the race and I was barely half way; after the 5th Kilometer, I seriously thought, I wasn’t going to finish the race. I am not an athletic girl, I never was, and few months ago I thought I was never going to be one. I signed up for a 10K run; well,Continue reading “Are you a runner?”

Distance means so little?

Could you be brave enough to refuse a dream for the person you love? I always asked this question. When you finish high school you already have a plan, or at least the idea of what you want your career to be. You begin to prepare yourself. You study hard, and have many objectives andContinue reading “Distance means so little?”