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We are facing some very intense heat in El Salvador at the moment, and for weather like this I feel that the best option is to stay away from jeans, we all know how they tend to absorb the heat. So for the time being you most probably will not see me wearing anything other than breezy shorts, skirts and dresses. I hope you like this look, which is actually a bit more dressy, perfect for a night out.

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Confessions of a Shopaholic

Yes ladies, I said that. Never tell my boyfriend or parents that I confessed this, but it’s true, I am a shopaholic. And I believe I am not alone with this statement. Are you the type of woman that desperately waits for sales? Or the one that knows what she’ll ask for Christmas…in March? Have you ever lent money to buy something “you really need”, like a green scarf? I just remember the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” movie when the main character did that. Anyway, those are some of the symptoms, that you definitely love one thing as much as I do: shopping.

But hey, there’s nothing wrong with shopping. The important thing is not to fall in bad financial habits, or if you already have them, break them.  Still, it is great to become an intelligent shopper. Did you know that according to Ginny Snook Scott, chief design officer of California Closets, we only wear 20% of our wardrobe? Shocking. And I may guess that as you read this, you pictured that perfect dress for a party, that you were never invited to, hanging in your closet with the tag still on. And I am sure that this did not happen just once, but multiple times.

However, don’t panic! Even if I you define yourself as a shopaholic, you are not lost forever. Some tricks and tweaks can make all the difference, or at least, help you use half of your closet:

1. Know yourself. It’s complicated I know. It is a great step accepting that you tend to let your money go so easily. But most importantly, you need to know your body, know your figure, know your style. When you don’t have this clear, you will usually fall in love with the first pair of jeans you see, take them home and fill your closet with regrets. If you know what looks good on you, and what doesn’t, you will not buy garments that are too tight, or baggy, or that have a little flaw, instead you will be brave enough to step aside of something that only looks great on the showcase. How many times have you cheated your mind with a: “I will lose weight soon”.

2. Do not get caught with sales. The best way to evaluate your closet is the “cost-per-wear” of your closet, this means how much an item of clothing costs by the number of times you’ve worn it. I heard about this on TLC’s “What Not to Wear” program. It might turn out that the $200 dress you’ve worn 20 times against a dress of $19.99 you used just once was a better transaction. Cheaper can actually be more expensive, really. If you buy something you don’t need because it only costs $19.99, you’ll only fill your closet with more stuff. 

3. Buy the right things. As you might know, there are some essentials you must have in your closet: a black dress, a good pair of jeans, a white shirt, a pair of black pants, a cardigan.  Invest in good quality for those classics that you can wear for years. Obviously you need to be trendy, and change colors and style from time to time.  For that you can use a cheaper line, a neon bag is an amazing accessory, but you don’t need to spend $200 when you are going to wear it a couple of times.

Little changes make a big difference. Join the club, and find out that being a shopaholic is not that dramatic after all. With some adjustments you can become closet regret-free, have “what to wear” every morning, and save money.

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For every girl out there that owns, or has tried on a pair of boyfriend jeans, it is no secret that these come up big. Now I have been wanting to get my hands on a pair for a long time; but ironically enough, if there is one thing I can’t stand, is not having the jeans fit properly at my hips. I hate being forced to pull my pants up every other minute because of their incompetence to grip, and stubborn will to fall off. But there is so much one can resist, when inevitably the stylish nature of bf jeans keeps poking at us. It is popular knowledge that no relationship works without compromise. So here I am, compromising comfort for style, and so that it may stay on record, I am also providing the rightful evidence.

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I am not much of a trousers girl, but the minute I spotted this pair, I knew I had to have them. They were lurking on the hanger behind a couple of white blouses. Crisp, clean. “It is the last pair”, pointed out one of the shop girls as she saw me coveting them. They were a size too small. But ladies, when we really want something, we don’t mind sweating a little bit for it. I had to squeeze myself in. Yes they were a size too small, but those oh so straight legs that make mine look lengthier, and that high waist that makes mine look daintier… I had to have them! Besides, no one else can tell; and I am not one to complain. 

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For 2015


I am all up for easy effortless outfits, and the one piece of garment that does that for me is a dress. You just need to find the form that suits you best and helps you achieve the look that you are after. For me, since I have very little hips, a skater skirt always makes the trick, as it accentuates my waist and gives me a bit more of volume on my lower body.

So for 2015, why not play around, try on and out different types of dresses, until you find the one that flatters you the most? 

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Let’s Go Black


Ever since I had to stock my wardrobe with business attire, I developed a thing for black. After business wear, came evening wear. It is smart, flattering, & chic. My one rule when it comes to wearing a head to toe black outfit is to search for those special details that will make the look stand apart, like the lace and back cut-out on this jumpsuit. 

PS: I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Year!

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