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Summer Hair Inspo

As many of you, I spent my Easter holidays by the beach, which, to no surprise, got me desperately seeking for new ways to tame my rumpled, salt cladded mane. Through time, my hair, has proven to have a life of its own, and the moment I climbed off the SUV, and set a foot on the smooth sand, the humidity and the heat plastered me and my locks mercilessly, making matters even worst. Here are a few of the hair styles that inspire me at the moment for the upcoming summer.

x A

As a side note, I am currently obsessing over turbans! They are perfect for the city, the mountain or the beach, and they are a great way of controlling unruly, voluminous hair, such as mine!

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What’s New: Mon Guerlain

Hi gorgeous people! About a month ago I was invited to a private preview of a new fragrance. It was a very busy February afternoon, and the surroundings of the Barceló Hotel were car jammed. After 15 minutes of desperately searching for a parking spot, I finally dashed into the foyer of the hotel, and up to its opulent Mezanine, were a selected group of people -ranging from press, to opinion leaders, to image consultants- gathered in animated expectation. Ten minutes later, the doors of a small, barely lit salon opened. Despite the various test tubes and erlenmeyer flasks, carefully arranged on tables and shelf units around the room, a white loveseat and various ottomans, encircling a lacquered coffee table, in the middle of the suite, gave the room a homely feel.

Once we were all settled in, the poised representative of Guerlain Latin America, a well suited gentleman, talked us through the brand’s new big release. Everything about it was exquisite. The inspiration, the product, the campaign; it was all beautifully curated to deliver us with an exceptional fragrance. What I was expecting to be a stifling, overly sweet essence, actually turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I sprayed a dash of Mon Guerlain on the back of my wrist and already my nosebuds could pick up the elegantly fresh, but lavish smell of the perfume. As each one of the attendees showered their wrists and necks with the iridescent pink essence, a rich lavender aroma, tinted with notes of vanilla, jasmine, and wood wafted daintily filling up the suite. By then, flutes of champagne and chocolate coated strawberries were brought about by a couple of black and white clad waiters. Later that evening, I was amazed at the long-lasting effect of the luscious perfume, which made me even more obsessed about it. I truly, wish you can all try the new fragrance which is now available at Almacenes Simán

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Top 5: 2017 SAG Awards

I meant to write this post first thing Monday morning, but urgent projects kept me from doing it. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy, and relish on what’s coming, as much as I did while flicking through this year’s SAG Awards red carpet looks.

Oh my, oh my, oh my! What else can I say? That was, what I like to call, a night of stars! Anything far from boring, there was glam, there was lush, there was Gucci! Let’s round it up, guys!

Leading the pack, comes my favourite look of the night. Nicole Kidman looked ravishing on this Gucci gown. No amount of emojis could express how much I loved her look. This is how you make a fashion statement, people. The colour looks stunning on her, the sequins allow her to shine more than ever, and the uniqueness of the gown makes her stand out completely. Keeping it simple on her make up was a total plus, and her hair-do was a right call.


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Industrial Site


Morning guys! A couple of weeks ago, I collaborated with the Salvadoran brand, LUMI, for a short look book. We were seeking for an industrial background that would contrast with the simplicity and elegance of the dresses. The team wanted to create something a little bit different to what the brand is used to, opting for a more creative and artistic approach in photography.  We spent a whole morning shooting in a warehouse in one of the main industrial areas in town. I am not going to lie, the heat was almost unbearable, but the setting was so worth it! I hope you like the results!

I hope you all have a great day!


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One Arm Trend


As I was flicking through the FW16 runways, with the fruition of a 6 year old inside a candy shop, eyes glued to the screen of my iPad, I realized how one of my favourite trends was starting to fade off. Although it is still very present on the collections, its novelty and gloss has turned into a boring monotony; such as the numb, almost painful feel left after sucking on a jawbreaker for far too long. Due to overexposure, no more do our eyes awe at the look of collarbones, or do our heads turn at the beat of the subtle skin exposure, or do our thumbs stop at the image of a fragile shoulder. Now that the off the shoulder trend has trickled down to the masses, it is losing its glow.

However, as the industry has it, new shiny trends are slowly picking up. One in particular caught my eye, not because I liked it, but because I didn’t. I will call it the One Arm trend (not one shoulder because the new silhouette literally covers one arm.) I saw it first on Self-Portrait, and thought it was horrendous. I hated the fact that the one sleeve was not only super large, but also contrasted the skin-tone with the rest of the colourful top. When I saw it at Rodarte, Herve Leger, and by the time I stumbled upon it at Giambattista Valli, I was actually into it! It is kind of a weird one, considering you have one bare arm, and the other one fully covered. But when you think about it, at night, what we sometimes need to get our temperatures right is to bundle one leg under our blankets, and set the other one free.

Gigi Hadid already dipped into the one arm trend with a Jonathan Simkhai nude dress, and what do you know? She looked amazing! Maybe this will be one of those trends that will slowly grow on us like the Mexican sweet & spicy tamarind candies – at the beginning you find them repelling, not what you expected, but little by little you grow accustomed to its taste until you get to the sweet core, and wow does it blow your mind!

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