Your Light Version


Hello, gorgeous people! Although, since last Thursday, I’ve been on total holiday mode, I couldn’t really forget about all of you!

Quick Questions: Are you low waist or high waist? Dark or light? For the sake of this post let’s concur on hight waist jeans. As per the hue matter, I can satisfy both cravings, just grab a number, and wait to be called out. 

Firsts in line are the lights! Please step forward and scroll down to find your designated high waist jeans look. Built , from ankles up, it is topped off with a straw cowboy hat, anyone ordered country style, here? On the other hand, these days, what’s a look without a bralette peeping through? And sandals, holiday screams for comfy footwear, now doesn’t it?!


PS: Stick around for this look’s alter ego!

¡Hola a todos! Aunque desde el Jueves pasado he estado sintonizada en vacaciones, no quería olvidarme por completo de ustedes.

Tengo dos pregunta rápidas: ¿Jeans tronconeros o high waist? ¿Azul obscuro o claro? Para el propósito de este post, concurramos en pantalones de cintura alta. En cuanto al tema del color, les traigo dos looks que, espero, sacien ambos apetitos. En primer lugar, les presento un atuendo basado en jeans claros. Como el verano está ya aquí, quise crear un outfit capaz de soportar el calor, y los fuertes rayos de sol.

¡No se alejen mucho para ver el alter ego de este look, que les compartiré prontito!



Photographed by Santiago Hernández
Hair & Make up: Soho Salon

Top: Jacqueline de Yong
Full look via Simán

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