Best Dressed: Oscars 2017

It’s time we talk Oscar’s. As usual, this stellar night had the stars bringing their A-games. The sparkling trails they all left as they glided by, made up for a bright, glamorous show. So without further ado, let’s begin!

First of, let’s give a standing ovation to the actress of the night: Emma Stone. This has been the highest point of her career, and she undeniably dressed for the part. Her custom made Givenchy gown was, perhaps, her way of stating that she was in it to win it. This gold mirage of intricate beading and swaying movement, along with the tumbling, red hair waves, gave us a glint of the good old Hollywood glamour; something that our hearts will never stop longing for!

2017 Oscars Red Carpet Photos

Emma wasn’t the only one delivering vintage Hollywood glam last night, Olivia Culpo kept us dreaming as well. Marchesa, in collaboration with Stella Artois, made sure Olivia’s silver gown became more than a head-turning look, but also and admirable call to a special cause. The crystal beaded dress, made out of Stella glass chalices, was a creative way of drawing attention to a more severe issue: the urge to bring clean water to undeveloped countries. I love it when fashion is able to go beyond the usual superficiality of its nature, and it is used as a tool to better our world. Multiple thumbs up for Olivia and the whole crew behind this perfectly pieced together ensemble! She looked GORGEOUS!


Oscar night, wouldn’t be the same without the presence of the homonym designer on the red carpet. Despite the negative reviews that Oscar de la Renta‘s collection received for FW, I actually thought it was a great attempt at refreshening the brand. Brie Larson, proved that change can be a good thing. Her Oscar de la Renta velvet gown was beautifully executed and it made her look sexy and elegant. Hair and make up were a perfect match for the dress.

2017 Oscars Red Carpet Photos

From Brie’s red lips, let’s turn our attention to Viola Davis‘s fiery number. Armani Privé goes well with her. There is not much I can say about this look, but the fact that she was a stunner.

2017 Oscars Red Carpet Photos

I can’t close this post without mentioning Jessica Biel‘s spectacular sequined Kaufmanfranco dress. She was a shinning apparition of elegance. My only ‘but‘ was the Tiffany necklace, which makes the otherwise flawless look, play in the dangerous costumey borderline. 

2017 Oscars Red Carpet Photos


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