Best Dressed: Grammy Awards 2017

After much commenting over the BAFTA Awards, it is now time to talk about the Grammys. It was actually harder for me to write this post, considering that there were more stars walking this red carpet. However, I think I’ve come up with 5 great looks that will inspire us to finish the week off.

Let’s start with the queen of the night, and by queen I obviously mean Queen B! Needless to say that she glowed, all the way from her golden performance look, to her fiery and definitely not less striking red dress by Peter Dundas. Her shimmering sequined gown complemented by a jewel-drop necklace showed us that she and she alone is the queen of queens at Hollywood.


Then comes a real shocker, as I never expected to be amazed by this particular singer, but oh did she nail it! Céline Dion looked positively divine in a Zuhair Murad reptile green gown. Seeing her glide in this look was a delightful and luscious surprise. A better shoe game would have been the cherry on top -maybe try a contrasting hue?-, but her hair, make up, and jewellery vindicate her misstep -pun intended-!

Now, I have a certain tendency for black, which I am not proud off, and which I am currently trying to get over; but you will have to back me up when I say that Kristin Cavallari looked A-MA-ZING in this Olima gown. It was damn sexy! And it comes to prove, once more, one of my go to sayings when styling: Less is more, people! Enough said!

Let’s move on to a far more classic, timeless look, because believe it or not, it was not all about deep plunges and shimmering dresses that night. Skylar Grey brought the chicness into picture with a beautiful Mario Dice shirt-gown (is that actually a thing? ha!) Buttoning the collar and undoing the lower buttons made her look quintessentially elegant and uber sexy. I loved her! And it is fact that we need more elegance like this in our crazy world, so keep ’em looks coming! 

Skylar Grey

I will be very honest with you guys, until this Sunday, I had never heard of Mario Dice, but have I gone crazy catching up on his design, after discovering that two of my favourite Grammy looks were his creation. Bella Harris wraps up my best dressed of the night in this see through Mario Dice gown. It is chic, it is unique, it is sexy. There is enough skin showing, enough transparencies, enough covering; it is just right!



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