Best Dressed: BAFTA Awards 2017

Last night was a major one on the calendar of both actors and singers. While London hosted the 2017 BAFTA Awards, LA did its part with the Grammys. This is great news for us who get to admire or cringe over a whole bunch of dazzling or dreadful looks, accordingly.  As biased as you guys know that I am, let’s begin our review with London.

I will sum up this red carpet as an Alexander McQueen night, for although it was not the reigning designer of the event in terms quantity (Gucci had more numbers on the carpet), it was definitely the reigning one in terms of splendour. Talking about reigning, Kate Middleton, our beloved British Cinderella, looked radiant in an off-the shoulder, floral McQueen. She exuded royal poise with every step.


Next in line, and following on Kate’s trail, Emily Blunt wore a beautifully adorned Alexander Mcqueen gown. Every detail of her look was foreseen to perfection. Nothing about her seemed out of place.  Everything added up: her hair, her make up, even her dragonfly ring; it all came together to create a gracefully polished look.


Sophie Turner has been hitting right notes at every other appearance, and this one was definitely another one. She looked grown up, but refreshing, classy, but sexy, sweet, but killer. Everything about her Louis Vuitton gown was on point. If I had to chose what I would have liked to look like on this night, it would have been -hands down- Sophie.


Now for the fashion statement of the night, I believe there is no question about it being Emma Stone. The actress was the image of tastefulness. Her overall look was elegant, fashion forward and, Oh my!… So damn breathtaking! Choosing very little and modest jewellery was the only way to go, for the Chanel attire had already enough shine by its own.


To close up my recount, I’m going with a much more prim look. Isabelle Huppert’s Chloe look is one to applaud for. Albeit its demure style and colour, it makes her standout with decorum. 



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