Top 5: 2017 SAG Awards

I meant to write this post first thing Monday morning, but urgent projects kept me from doing it. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy, and relish on what’s coming, as much as I did while flicking through this year’s SAG Awards red carpet looks.

Oh my, oh my, oh my! What else can I say? That was, what I like to call, a night of stars! Anything far from boring, there was glam, there was lush, there was Gucci! Let’s round it up, guys!

Leading the pack, comes my favourite look of the night. Nicole Kidman looked ravishing on this Gucci gown. No amount of emojis could express how much I loved her look. This is how you make a fashion statement, people. The colour looks stunning on her, the sequins allow her to shine more than ever, and the uniqueness of the gown makes her stand out completely. Keeping it simple on her make up was a total plus, and her hair-do was a right call.


After watching the Premier of La La Land, thanks to the nice people of Balun Films, I might be biased when I say that Emma Stone looks more stunning than ever. But back me up on this one, guys, because, her Alexander Mcqueen dress was on point! As she walked down the runway, she looked flawless, from head to toe, (literally, I mean even her dark pedi was a winner!)


Ok, I might offend some of you now, but until I saw this red carpet, I had no idea of who Natalia Dyer was; but, oh boy, will I remember her now, for her look was gorgeous. Can one achieve sweetness and sexiness with one same look? Well Dyer, just proved to us all, that anything is possible. Her Miu Miu ensemble was a beautiful combination of sensuality (can red ever not be?), and floral tenderness. In a night of awards, she went in looking like a real winner.


I am absolutely hooked to The Crown. What can I say?, I feel Brit again, while watching it. But, wow, was I surprised when I failed to recognize Claire Foy at the SAG Awards. Maybe I was already used to seeing her in her royal, more conservative garments; maybe it was her hair colour, maybe I just never expected her to wear something so different to her TV persona. Although, still somewhat conservative, her Valentino gown made her look amazing. She left me craving for more of her, and the series.


My final, top look of the night goes to Natalie Portman. I have always admired pregnant women that still manage to look breathtaking when walking down the red carpet. And Portman, surely made us all turn our heads. She looked somewhat angelical in her all white Dior. And her pick on jewellery was more than right. Chic, chic, chic all around!



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