Couture High Notes

Fashion month is slowly but surely crawling up on our calendars. Scrumptious appetizers have been already served in the form of exquisite haute couture looks.  An array of frothy tulles, swift silks, and glinting embellishments were amongst the ambrosial hors d’ouevres. I am leaving you with with a brief recap of what have been my topContinue reading “Couture High Notes”

Countryside Cabin

A friend of mine owns a small house that clings to one of the sides of San Salvador’s volcano. It is a very cozy cabin that houses a garden double its size, with striking views of the city. Last week, for a change, I burrowed the place and went over to catch a breath of cleanContinue reading “Countryside Cabin”

Punch it Off!

As promised, here is another of the sporty looks I worked on with Simán. My trainer knows me too well, and he is very much aware of my hate relationship with cardio, however it is inevitable that I should dedicate some time every day to it. This is why, he is always trying to findContinue reading “Punch it Off!”

Get Active!

Two weeks into the year and I am sure we have all thought about getting healthier, getting leaner or getting active. While I lived abroad, exercising  was an issue always gnawing at the back of my head, but hardly becoming a reality. It had a little to do with my lack of time, and aContinue reading “Get Active!”

Top 5: 2017 Golden Globes

I know, I know this post comes a bit late, but hey, better later than never! Award season has started. Back when I was living in London, as a fashion assistant to a celebrity stylist, I particularly remember this time of the year as one of the most hectic, nail-biting moments of them all. NowContinue reading “Top 5: 2017 Golden Globes”


Hi guys! Remember my grey look from a couple of posts ago? Well, I took the same asymmetrical skirt and styled it in a more casual, sporty way. Let me know which look do you like the most?  Love, A