Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Knot


If there is one thing I love about these pictures is the setting. My country has so many beautiful places that I would love to share with all of you, however sometimes, because of the situation we are currently living in, that is not possible. I try to educate my eye to discover beauty wherever I go. It is not always an easy task, as we are so prone to criticize, and judge; but it is always a healthy one. This has made me look at my surroundings in a totally different way. When I take in the places, the people, and the things that encircle me, I try to consider much more than what meets the eye, because, many times, one’s first impressions may not be as accurate as we might think. 

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Work, Work, Work


I’ve been remodeling my room for over a year now. It is not a matter of indecision, all the opposite, it is a matter of knowing exactly how I want it to be, and getting frustrated at the fact that there are no good furniture offers in the Salvadoran design market. Last weekend, I did a final attempt at finding my dream vanity table, and I came to the conclusion that my only option is to get it design accordingly to my specifications. 

Not only that, but now I have also realized that I am in urgent need of a small working space… (since my bed has never been a suitable desk.) Sadly, I have the ominous feeling that the pret-a-acheter desks will not fulfill my requirements either. This notion has pushed me into a Pinterest/Instagram hunt for inspiration on a small office space. As I am sure I am not the only one in this type of predicaments, I though I might share with all of you a few stylish work spaces that I have stumbled upon, should you find yourself looking for inspiration. 

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A Cream Jacket

I tend to swindle between ladylike looks and understated casual ones. A few weeks ago I found this beautiful Chanel-esque jacket (sorry for so blatantly making up my own terms), which was desperately calling for a feminine combination. Button-up skirts, enjoying center stage for the time being, seemed  like a more than fair partner to the printed outer piece. Funny enough, it was not until I wore the look that I realized how at ease I felt with every garment on its own (the blue top that I wore had that inevitable sensuality that a lose shirt gives to women… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) which made the outfit even better.

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