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Utility Vest


Happy Tuesday you guys! Third pieces are always a great way to pull an outfit together. They allow us to create interesting silhouettes, as well as play with colours and volumes. This is why it is always a good idea to invest on them. However, with El Salvador’s heat, it is sometimes difficult, and even silly to wear third pieces. BUT! one can always find a way, and in our case, vests are a great choice to layer up without feeling like a smoked piece of ham. I wore this outfit last week and was super in love with the utility vest, plus a girl can always use a couple of extra pockets! I hope you like it!

x A

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One Arm Trend


As I was flicking through the FW16 runways, with the fruition of a 6 year old inside a candy shop, eyes glued to the screen of my iPad, I realized how one of my favourite trends was starting to fade off. Although it is still very present on the collections, its novelty and gloss has turned into a boring monotony; such as the numb, almost painful feel left after sucking on a jawbreaker for far too long. Due to overexposure, no more do our eyes awe at the look of collarbones, or do our heads turn at the beat of the subtle skin exposure, or do our thumbs stop at the image of a fragile shoulder. Now that the off the shoulder trend has trickled down to the masses, it is losing its glow.

However, as the industry has it, new shiny trends are slowly picking up. One in particular caught my eye, not because I liked it, but because I didn’t. I will call it the One Arm trend (not one shoulder because the new silhouette literally covers one arm.) I saw it first on Self-Portrait, and thought it was horrendous. I hated the fact that the one sleeve was not only super large, but also contrasted the skin-tone with the rest of the colourful top. When I saw it at Rodarte, Herve Leger, and by the time I stumbled upon it at Giambattista Valli, I was actually into it! It is kind of a weird one, considering you have one bare arm, and the other one fully covered. But when you think about it, at night, what we sometimes need to get our temperatures right is to bundle one leg under our blankets, and set the other one free.

Gigi Hadid already dipped into the one arm trend with a Jonathan Simkhai nude dress, and what do you know? She looked amazing! Maybe this will be one of those trends that will slowly grow on us like the Mexican sweet & spicy tamarind candies – at the beginning you find them repelling, not what you expected, but little by little you grow accustomed to its taste until you get to the sweet core, and wow does it blow your mind!

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Track Sole Crossing


Hi, everyone! A few days ago I stumbled upon these chunky heel, track sole sandals. They struck me as sturdy, yet feminine with a hot vibe.  Not only do they elevate you to a whole new height, but they are comfortable as can be. I’ve tried them out with a few different outfits and they are a total game changer! They instantly add a touch of cool to any ensemble, which is really a trait that I look for when I am accessory shopping. So here is one of the outfits that I put together around the sandals. What do you think of it?!

I hope you all have a great week ahead!


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Mad Hatter


There is something about hats that they instantly infuse attitude into a look. They are like the cherry on top, the final touch that pulls an outfit together. However, I find that we are sometimes wary about hats, maybe, because it is an accessory that albeit its cover up function, puts us in the spotlight; or perhaps, it is because we do not want to ruin a perfectly good coiffure.  I’m sometimes object of these fears myself, but I have also realized that once I start wearing them, I do not want to take them off! And really who can blame us, when sometimes all we want is a dash of mystery.  

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Button Ups


You do not need to be super observant to have noticed that A-line button ups is the way to go about skirts these days. They are cool, effortlessly chic, and play well with absolutely anything! And as it happens, they are also one of my favourite trends of the season. If we talk materials, I would say, opt for suedes or denims. And lengths? Although the queens of street-style have showcased them in a parade of lengths, I will always vow for minis! 

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