Future of Fashion

I recently came across a very interesting and informative set of videos produced by Vogue UK, in collaboration with Alexa Chung, called Future of Fashion. I found them so refreshing and instructive about the inner workings of fashion that I wanted to share some of them with you, in hopes that it will enlighten us all about the real face of the industry and its power.

In Alexa’s words, “people are very dismissive of fashion in general, it comes across, in a cliched way, as considered frivolous or indulgent…and the general public don’t take it seriously enough.” Living in a country like El Salvador, I constantly find myself battling against the derogatory stereotypes surrounding the industry, and trying to vindicate its presence within a developing country, where there are always other more pressing, noble, and/or attention worthy matters.

I definitely encourage all of you guys to watch the video I’m leaving you with. Although it is a bit over an hour long, it is meant to help you draw your own conclusions about Fashion based on a better understanding of the industry.

Hace poco descubrí un set de videos, producidos por Vogue UK en colaboración con Alexa Chung, enfocados en el funcionamiento de la industria de la Moda. Me parecieron tan interesantes e informativos que quiero compartir unos cuantos de ellos con ustedes.

El primer video con el que les voy a dejar dura un poco más de una hora, y se trata de un acercamiento  muy detallado de la industria. Creo que vale la pena hacer el esfuerzo de verlos para poder sacar unas conclusiones bien fundamentadas acerca de la Moda.


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