Let’s run the World!

A few days back, I woke up and felt the urge of spicing my look. Mixing a casual floral jumper, with a more unconventional pencil skirt created an outfit that was stylish and bold.  A pair of lace up ankle boots was the final touch for a powerful look that screams: Who runs the World?… and, well, you knowContinue reading “Let’s run the World!”

The key to radical change

Ever wonder what accessories can do to your outfit? Belting this palm print scarf on top of a green basic shift dress, gave my look a radical change; what could’ve been a boring  ensemble, instantly became a fetching outfit. To create an even more appealing look, I spattered a few more drops of colour by  wearing a pairContinue reading “The key to radical change”

Green Walls

Have I ever told you that I was once obsessed with interior design? I would spend hours watching Divine Design and Design on a Dime yearning over the breathtaking transformations, and desiring to one day create sickly beautiful ambiances as the ones that Candice Olson so effortlessly delivered. As life happened, my career steered on a different path,Continue reading “Green Walls”


Picture yourself making a great entrance into the lobby of a 1930’s hotel, welcomed by a solicitous butler, who instantly snatches your leather luggage off you. The moment you walk up to concierge, images come and go in your head that reminisce the luxurious design of The Grand Budapest Hotel, with its impeccable furniture, luscious details, and harmoniousContinue reading “Lobby”


I have recently realized that I own more jackets than I can count in my wardrobe. Truth be said, to live in such a warm country like El Salvador, and have this certain attraction for jackets may seem quite absurd. But you see, a jacket instantly changes your whole look. I pulled this outfit together, having theContinue reading “Jackets”