One of my closest friends got married a few weeks back. I don’t own many gowns, so for this very special occasion I decided to invest in one that would be as unique as possible. I have become very fond of national designers, and last November when I attended MBFDays El Salvador, I spotted theContinue reading “Uniqueness”


Embellished collars make up for one of my favorite accessories. When it comes to jewellery, I’m not your typical necklace fan, so I do appreciate a top that comes with a collar frosting of its own. Here is my latest look, garnished with a pinch of beads. 


Colour blocking is a fun way of dressing up. It is exciting to match different tones to create a cool combo. I went for sober hues on my clothes and then added a citric punch with the loafers. Bold and chic. 

Lace Beauties

About a couple of weeks ago, I was asked to create an outfit with these gorgeous, lace ankle booties. I was told that because they were such a fashion statement, it would be harder for people to visualize them in their wardrobes. I immediately jumped, psyched at the thought of it. I loved the shoes the moment IContinue reading “Lace Beauties”