Monthly Archives: September 2015

Interiors Matter


Shopping this season surely feels like going rug or furniture hunting at a flea market. Fashion designers seem to have turned to the world of home interiors for inspiration. Dresses, skirts, tops, coats, and pretty much everything in between, have been upholstered with fabrics and prints more likely to be found on your grandma’s living room couch. The trend fills the racks with rich, plush, and intense materials, giving us all a retro vibe, that could easily transport us to a more conservative era.  Continue reading




When it comes to casual dressing, I have a pattern: plain t-shirts + skinny jeans. I know these t-shirts may be basic, at times, but there is a certain ease to them that makes them somewhat cool. I liked this gray top the moment I saw it, and then I turned it, and, what do you know!…, it was even better! The unexpected back detail came as a total surprise, and it just adds an interesting twist to the tee. 

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Keep Cozy


Living in El Salvador for over a year now, made me almost forget about the cool days of Fall, but this past weekend I was lucky to visit Washington DC, and even though Summer was still in the air (at least while the sun was out), the evenings and nights did get pretty chilly. It is the time of the year perfect for layering, and this poncho is an ideal piece for the season. 

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Tomboy Jeans


Layering is one of my favourite ways to creating interesting outfits. The striped blazer, on this look, balances out the lose fit of both the jeans, and the jumper. Adding a pair of stilettos, and a feminine handbag pulls the look together and makes it perfect for going from meetings to running errands.

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Window Pane


It feels so good when you find a pair of trousers that fit you perfectly, make your legs look longer, and your figure, leaner. Not only does this pair’s window pane print achieves perfection, but the cut is everything! They are so flattering, that I will be fighting myself to give them a break. They are an ideal style staple. 

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