Pick of the Week: Catch & Release


It’s been a long time since I haven’t published a pick of the week… so much so, that I should probably change it to “Pick of the Season”. However, every now and then, I find a piece that really merits a special mention. My pick today does not only have to do with fashion, but with social and environmental awareness as well. Beyond being a brand, Catch & Release is a philosophy that impels us to be responsible with our marine environments. The hook bracelets are a small way of reminding us that we should take care of the world that we have been given. Fishing is an entertaining sport, but why not practice it with responsibility? The little good deeds that we do today will help guarantee a better tomorrow. So let’s think about it, and try to protect the beauty that nature is!

Desde hace bastante que no publico un Pick of the Week. Tanto así que tal vez debería cambiarle el nombre a Pick of the Season. Sin embargo, no quería dejar pasar la oportunidad de hacer una mención especial a Catch & Release. Se trata de una marca que va más allá del ámbito de la moda. Catch & Release busca crear conciencia acerca de la necesidad de preservar nuestros ambientes marinos, a través de pulseras en forma de anzuelo que representan la pesca responsable. Recordemos que las buenas acciones que realicemos hoy, garantizarán un mejor mañana. Así que démosle una pensada y recordemos que es nuetra responsabilidad cuidar de la naturaleza. 

Photographed by N&R Branding

Bracelet: Catch & Release

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