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Heating Up


You can definitely feel it now. The heat. In El Salvador, as we get closer to Holy Week, the nice weather turns into unbearable summer temperatures. So I will leave you with a cute, breezy outfit. 

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It is crazy exciting what will happen this week! For the first time ever, and after a very long wait, thousands of rumours and expectations, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will take place in El Salvador. We are talking about a GIANORMOUS deal for the fashion industry in my country. There has been so much buzz surrounding the event that one can’t help but feel nervously thrilled about it all. It is, without a doubt, the Salvadoran fashion event of the year. Along with the national people of the industry, international brands, designers, fashion ambassadors and important figures will also be a part of it. It will all begin with a very special cocktail, that will also showcase the collections of two great Guatemalan accessories’s designers: Maria’s Bag & Maison Escarlata. The next three days will be fully devoted to fashion runways, including well established designers as well as new & upcoming ones. 

The curtains will rise, the cameras will flash, and our beloved, young fashion industry, will be placed under the spotlight. However, I’m sure that what we’ll see will be worth the while and will prove that El Salvador is one of the leading countries in Central America in terms of fashion. Cheers to that!

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Relationship Status

Single, taken, or waiting for Mr. Darcy?  This question appears to be one of the main questions we women constantly ask in our lives. Since we are young we grow up with the idea of finding the blue prince, marry, and live happily ever after. But how long do we have to wait for that perfect prince? Or if you think you have found him, how do you know he is the one?

First you need to know what type of relationship you want. The one that is only touch and go, or a life long relationship. Believe me, the second one is possible. Why is it important to stick to this idea? Because in order to find what you are looking for, sometimes you’ll have to be brave enough to let go of someone you actually like, when he doesn’t want what you do, or someone who can’t do good to you. You also need to act, dress, and talk according to your idea, otherwise you will end up off track.

You need to find not a Mr. Darcy, but the perfect version of him for you. Probably he won’t have a castle like in the movie, but would your guy do everything that’s in his possibilities to make you the happiest Miss Elizabeth on Earth? That’s the question. A man needs to give himself, his time, his manners, his money when he invites you to a date, and of course he needs to listen, to all of our dramatic problems. When he does, he feels needed, a superhero, and this feelings make him happy. The problem is sometimes we don’t like to receive, and sometimes we are very demanding. My mom always told me: “not to easy, you’ll get him bored, no to difficult, you’ll make him quit”. The perfect balance is between both attitudes.

The type of man that loves you and would like to be with you forever can’t get use to open the door for you, take you flowers now or then, let you decide what to eat, go with you shopping, or anything else. This little things let you know he is into you. Sometimes the problem is he is perfect, you love his behavior, his good feelings, but not him. “When you love someone your heartbeat beats so loud, when you love someone your feet can’t feel the ground”, that’s what Jason Mraz says and he is very accurate. How do you know when you love someone? There are many symptoms. You only want to be with him, you would do anything for him, when you are together time runs out fast, you share so many things in common, and he makes you laugh. You are like friends. The perfect man for you will catch you if you fall, and you would definitely want him to be there if you do fall.

So what if you are single right know? Do not despair, nor fall asleep. Meet new people, have fun, make a list of all the things you always wanted to do, because now is the moment to do them. Sooner or later you’ll meet this guy that will knock you out of your feet,  it doesn’t matter how many first dates you had, but never forget who you are and who you want to be with. Be authentic, be fashionable, smile, and most importantly, be you.

And if you already found your Mr. Darcy, take good care of him, and never take him for granted.

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Roger’s Innovation Adoption Curve


They say we are creatures of habits. And I have proven that, when it comes to fashion we are too. Have you ever witnessed a trend happen? When I was back in Uni, one of my professors taught us about Roger’s Innovation Adoption Curve. I was thinking that we can perfectly translate that graph to the way fashion works. The curve shows how people tend to react to innovations, or, in our case, to trends.

– At the beginning, you will have the Innovators, in fashion this would be the big icons, say Lupita Nyong’o, Giovanna Battaglia, Karlie Kloss, Chiara Ferragni, and so on… They are willing to take risks, have the highest social status, are social, and have close contact to scientific sources, or, in our case, designers.  

– Close behind them, you will find the Early Adopters. They too belong to high social status, and are big opinion leaders, but play it a little bit more safe than innovators.

Early Majority refers to those who are open to trends but will test the waters first. After a certain trend has been out for a while, an early adopter will give it a try.   

–  The skeptic ones come after, they are the Late Majority. These can also be referred to as the herd. They will not jump at every trend, and will only try it after the majority of society has done it. They are also probably scared of what others might say. 

Laggards. When I think of laggards, I, for some silly reason, picture them as lizards. I can see them watching society from their own tree, not moving, just skeptically watching and criticizing it with their big, see-it-all eyes. They hate change, and stick to their own ways. If they do try a trend, it will be a loooong time after it has been out.

Now, why am I bringing all of this up? In my lifetime, I have seen a fair amount of trends come in and out of fashion. And I have to admit I used to be more of a laggard than anything else. However I have moved out of said category, for no other reason than because fashion makes me happy. Nevertheless, I have also stayed true to what I like, and to what I don’t; to what flatters me, and to what doesn’t. I wanted to encourage you all to try new things. Yes, change may be scary; but most times it will bring something better and amazing into our lives. I used to be super skeptic about crop tops -I really don’t know why, because, hell!, they accentuate one of our best areas- but now, I don’t want to put them down! It is all a matter of making it work for you, your body, and your circumstances. So, why not just give it try?

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At Ease


Above all, to me, beach equals ease. The ease that comes with the balmy graze of the summer sun rays, and with the crisp, clear water of the pool. And so, when it comes to beachwear I am prone to search for that easiness. A short, lose romper is always a good solution for a cute, effortless outfit. Throw in a sun hat, and a pair of shades and you will have the right amount of glam covered!

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Confessions of a Shopaholic

Yes ladies, I said that. Never tell my boyfriend or parents that I confessed this, but it’s true, I am a shopaholic. And I believe I am not alone with this statement. Are you the type of woman that desperately waits for sales? Or the one that knows what she’ll ask for Christmas…in March? Have you ever lent money to buy something “you really need”, like a green scarf? I just remember the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” movie when the main character did that. Anyway, those are some of the symptoms, that you definitely love one thing as much as I do: shopping.

But hey, there’s nothing wrong with shopping. The important thing is not to fall in bad financial habits, or if you already have them, break them.  Still, it is great to become an intelligent shopper. Did you know that according to Ginny Snook Scott, chief design officer of California Closets, we only wear 20% of our wardrobe? Shocking. And I may guess that as you read this, you pictured that perfect dress for a party, that you were never invited to, hanging in your closet with the tag still on. And I am sure that this did not happen just once, but multiple times.

However, don’t panic! Even if I you define yourself as a shopaholic, you are not lost forever. Some tricks and tweaks can make all the difference, or at least, help you use half of your closet:

1. Know yourself. It’s complicated I know. It is a great step accepting that you tend to let your money go so easily. But most importantly, you need to know your body, know your figure, know your style. When you don’t have this clear, you will usually fall in love with the first pair of jeans you see, take them home and fill your closet with regrets. If you know what looks good on you, and what doesn’t, you will not buy garments that are too tight, or baggy, or that have a little flaw, instead you will be brave enough to step aside of something that only looks great on the showcase. How many times have you cheated your mind with a: “I will lose weight soon”.

2. Do not get caught with sales. The best way to evaluate your closet is the “cost-per-wear” of your closet, this means how much an item of clothing costs by the number of times you’ve worn it. I heard about this on TLC’s “What Not to Wear” program. It might turn out that the $200 dress you’ve worn 20 times against a dress of $19.99 you used just once was a better transaction. Cheaper can actually be more expensive, really. If you buy something you don’t need because it only costs $19.99, you’ll only fill your closet with more stuff. 

3. Buy the right things. As you might know, there are some essentials you must have in your closet: a black dress, a good pair of jeans, a white shirt, a pair of black pants, a cardigan.  Invest in good quality for those classics that you can wear for years. Obviously you need to be trendy, and change colors and style from time to time.  For that you can use a cheaper line, a neon bag is an amazing accessory, but you don’t need to spend $200 when you are going to wear it a couple of times.

Little changes make a big difference. Join the club, and find out that being a shopaholic is not that dramatic after all. With some adjustments you can become closet regret-free, have “what to wear” every morning, and save money.

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