We’re a couple of days away from holidays, and just before we all head to our sweet relax destinations, I wanted to leave you all with one final look. I hope you like it, and I wish you all a very happy holy week!

MBFWSV: Wrapping it up!

Summer Dream by Almacenes Simán It was a long, arduous run to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, but looking back now, with a glass of perspective, it was really all worth it. The Salvadoran fashion industry became the center of attention in a way that it had never been before. All of the shows were upContinue reading “MBFWSV: Wrapping it up!”

Distance means so little?

Could you be brave enough to refuse a dream for the person you love? I always asked this question. When you finish high school you already have a plan, or at least the idea of what you want your career to be. You begin to prepare yourself. You study hard, and have many objectives andContinue reading “Distance means so little?”


We are at the doorstep of April, and really, all I can think of now are holidays! Although I will be heading to the cold, I know that many of you are probably planning to go to the beach. So I thought you would love to see a few more summer looks. I loved theContinue reading “Tribal”

Hey, I’ve got a waist!

Not too long ago, I prepped a few conference talks on Styling and Personal Image. I love doing this as it is a perfect chance to go over a few of the key ideas, do’s and dont’s of dressing. You have probably heard of the different body types, and how certain pieces tend to flatter every particular shape.Continue reading “Hey, I’ve got a waist!”

Life long vacation

I’m not trying to copy Prince Ea’s video. I saw it, it inspired me, and really I’ve been wondering the same question, are we working to live? Or are we living to work? It seems that in our daily life we are always running, and we never have time for anything. We leave aside the importantContinue reading “Life long vacation”