For every girl out there that owns, or has tried on a pair of boyfriend jeans, it is no secret that these come up big. Now I have been wanting to get my hands on a pair for a long time; but ironically enough, if there is one thing I can’t stand, is not having the jeans fit properly at my hips. I hate being forced to pull my pants up every other minute because of their incompetence to grip, and stubborn will to fall off. But there is so much one can resist, when inevitably the stylish nature of bf jeans keeps poking at us. It is popular knowledge that no relationship works without compromise. So here I am, compromising comfort for style, and so that it may stay on record, I am also providing the rightful evidence.

Para todas aquellas que poseen o se han probado un boyfriend jeans es muy bien sabido que estos tienen un talle grande. Desde hace un rato he querido comprarme un par, pero si hay algo que no soporto es un pantalón que no se ajuste bien en aquellos lugares donde debería hacerlo. Sin embargo, a veces, como en el caso de los boyfriend jeans, nos toca ceder en algún punto para ganar en otro. Y es que, a lo que estos vaqueros les falta en comodidad lo superan con creces en estilo.


Photographed by N&R Branding

Full look: Almacenes Simán
Make-up by Flert (Simán Galerías, Metrocentro, Plaza Mundo)

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