Along with animal print, stripes are really one of my go-to prints. For some reason they always remind me of that effortless Parisian chic style. I decided to keep this outfit simple, turning to basics without having the look be basic (what is worst than a bad outfit is a basic, or what is the sameContinue reading “Stripes”

Hugs are free

Last friday I was walking in a street and saw those guys with “Free hugs” posters. Have you seen them? I can’t deny that when I first saw them, I thought they were ridiculous.  I saw long ago a video on Youtube of free hugs, but I have never seen it around town.  It seems huggingContinue reading “Hugs are free”

Summer Whites

While I long for Summer days (not as badly as when I was in Canada last year, but still…), the best I can do is dress for it. I once read that you should dress according to where you aspire to go in life. Let’s apply the same idea to as where you aspire toContinue reading “Summer Whites”


While the collections of AW15 strut the runways, the ones from Spring-Summer trickle into our wardrobes. Denim has positioned itself as one of the staple trends of the season, and, honestly, I couldn’t be happier. There is something so flattering about denim that the fashion industry can never really get enough off. Here is my take on theContinue reading “Indigo”

Begin Again

 I just saw a movie that is simply unmissable . Not because the heartbreaker Adam Levine (I suppose you watched his video of Sugar), and Keira Knightley are the main characters. But because it is one of those movies you expect will be predictable, and it ends up being completely different from what you thought.Continue reading “Begin Again”

What’s New: Brieé

About a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend the launch of Brieé, a new lingerie brand; the peculiarity of which being that although Kathy Siegert, the designer of the line, is Colombian, the brand has been created specially with the Salvadoran woman in mind. As a Salvadoran myself, I have pondered before why weContinue reading “What’s New: Brieé”