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Along with animal print, stripes are really one of my go-to prints. For some reason they always remind me of that effortless Parisian chic style. I decided to keep this outfit simple, turning to basics without having the look be basic (what is worst than a bad outfit is a basic, or what is the same dull, one). By incorporating a few clashing pieces like the yellow belt, the metallic heels, and the woven clutch. I upped the look and added a personal stamp. I hope you like it!

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Hugs are free

Last friday I was walking in a street and saw those guys with “Free hugs” posters. Have you seen them? I can’t deny that when I first saw them, I thought they were ridiculous.  I saw long ago a video on Youtube of free hugs, but I have never seen it around town.  It seems hugging someone can become a necessity. Some people don’t like hugs, but most people do. So I researched a little more about them and foud out that they are a powerful way of healing, and can benefit you in many ways.

Scientifically speaking, hugs can boost oxytocin levels, strengthen the immune system, lifts one’s serotonin levels, balance out the nervous system, release tension in the body, and many other things, according to experiments in the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill . Hugging can heal feelings of loneliness, sadness, and anger. Have you ever had such a bad day, then go home and hear: “Come to mamma” and things get better? It’s not that a hug will solve your daily problems, but it will definitely make you feel better.

The benefits of hugs are: it changes the mood, releases stress, takes away the pain, and most of all, it makes you happier. I felt like if I discovered the best medicine ever. Seriously, when I read this I almost ran to the Free Hugging guys, but I didn’t. My advice is hug the people you love, and never despise a hug from someone you really care for. As grown ups, we can live without hugs, but they can really provoke positive feelings in our life. And the best part of it is that they are free.

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Summer Whites


While I long for Summer days (not as badly as when I was in Canada last year, but still…), the best I can do is dress for it. I once read that you should dress according to where you aspire to go in life. Let’s apply the same idea to as where you aspire to be in the short term, and for me that would be a cute summer destination. I couldn’t think of a colour that screams Summer more than white and a floral print kimono seemed to be the perfect match. So here is my early take on Summer dressing. 

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While the collections of AW15 strut the runways, the ones from Spring-Summer trickle into our wardrobes. Denim has positioned itself as one of the staple trends of the season, and, honestly, I couldn’t be happier. There is something so flattering about denim that the fashion industry can never really get enough off. Here is my take on the indigo trend. My personal advise: try mixing it with bold colour accessories and, why not an interesting print here and there. xx

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Begin Again

 I just saw a movie that is simply unmissable . Not because the heartbreaker Adam Levine (I suppose you watched his video of Sugar), and Keira Knightley are the main characters. But because it is one of those movies you expect will be predictable, and it ends up being completely different from what you thought. Begin Again. I will not tell you exactly what it is about, because I don’t want to ruin the ending. Basically the movie has to do with second chances. A few weeks ago, we were celebrating New Years and we made a long list of resolutions for this year. It is a good start. Now that February is about to end, we may not be so excited as we were on January 1st. Who does not have that memory of the first day of school with the perfect notebook without corrections and a few weeks later, after the first time you used liquid paper, you were no longer interested in having it neat. What really matters is not whether you fall or not, but that you Begin Again.

We can make Resolutions of all kinds: get fit, follow a healthy diet, learn to dance salsa… It is very common to think things like: I want to learn Mandarin, or, hopefully, this year, I will get the scholarship I’ve been looking for. The most important thing to do is to think what we are going to do specifically to achieve that goal. If we don’t, we can end up in December with a “Next year I will … “. We are starting the year and maybe we’ve done many things, and we have things left undone. Probably something unexpected happened to you. You were fired, your boyfriend dumped you, or something good happened like you won a trip. Things that made you change your direction. It’s time to Begin Again, and with this we can have two attitudes: either let the situation control us or dominate the situation.

In the film many of these things happen. Dav and Gretta are dating and they move to New York, both are passionate about music. Dav puts all his strength into his personal projects, also before Gretta, logically the relationship ends. And what seemed the end of the world for Gretta finally opens many other doors and she finds out that she can be happier. I once read an ad that said “my boyfriend dumping me made me meet ​​the love of my life.” Sometimes it’s hard to overpass a sudden situation that makes you change something you really dreamed of. But as one of the songs from the movie says: “Turn the page, maybe we’ll find a brand new ending “. Begin again.

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What’s New: Brieé


About a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend the launch of Brieé, a new lingerie brand; the peculiarity of which being that although Kathy Siegert, the designer of the line, is Colombian, the brand has been created specially with the Salvadoran woman in mind. As a Salvadoran myself, I have pondered before why we have such a limited selection of luxury lingerie brands in the country. It probably has to do with the fact that we do not perceive lingerie as part of our outfits, but simply as undergarments. However, more and more have we come to be in relation with these types of brands, and it is surely exciting to see the market grow. For what I could see and experience, Brieé puts on the table an interesting offer of lingerie that can sometimes even become a part of our outfits… and as a dirty, little secret, let me admit that I do love to show a bit of lace under my tops and shirts every once in a while.  

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