Comfort Outside Your Zone


At this point, I consider leopard print to be a neutral. The same as black, it pretty much goes with everything; but unlike the former one, it adds a special streak, a punch, if you will. What I like most about this outfit, is how comfortable it is. The cosiness of the top, the loose fit on the pants, and the smoothness of the slip-ons add up to a relaxed, almost stay-in all day look; yet the lace details on the top, the reserved colour of the pants, and the print on the slip-ons, got you covered to take the comfort outside your quarters. Maybe the reason for this is that as much as leopard is a neutral, when it is worn with measure, its alluring effect can take you anywhere!  

Soy del tipo de persona que considera al estampado de leopardo como un color neutral. Al igual que el negro, el estampado de leopardo combina prácticamente con todo; pero a diferencia de aquel, éste, usado con medida, es capaz de añadir un toque especial. 

Lo que más me gusta de este conjunto es lo cómodo que resulta. La suavedad de la camisa, el talle holgado de los pantalones y el confort de los slip-ons logran un look relajado que a la vez es perfecto para salir a la calle. Quizá la causa sea precisamente que el atractivo del estampado de leopardo, utilizado en las proporciones correctas, te permite ir a donde sea. 


Photographed by N&R Branding

Full look: Almacenes Simán
Watch: Montblanc
Make-up by Flert (Simán Galerías, Metrocentro y Plaza Mundo)

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