It seduced me: the warmth of its wine hue, the richness of its brocade, and the subtle flirting of its skirt. I gave in almost instinctively. This plush dress has the ability of wrapping you in layers of tasteful elegance. And when paired with other earth tones, it makes up for a match made in Heaven, or shouldContinue reading “Plush”


Details. I’ve been taught by life that greatness, and success, both lie on the littlest details. And I like translating that idea to my every day dressing. That is why, an embellishment here, and a bit of lace there, are not insignificant nuances, but enticing, fine particularities that make all the difference. Take a basic jumper, pepperContinue reading “Nuances”

Pick of the Week: Embellished Slingbacks

It has been a while since the last time that I posted a Pick of the Week, but the moment my eyes landed on these shoes, I knew I had to share them with you. I first came across Boden during my years in London. I would label their womenswear designs as feminine, and retro; and evenContinue reading “Pick of the Week: Embellished Slingbacks”

Comfort Outside Your Zone

At this point, I consider leopard print to be a neutral. The same as black, it pretty much goes with everything; but unlike the former one, it adds a special streak, a punch, if you will. What I like most about this outfit, is how comfortable it is. The cosiness of the top, the loose fit on the pants,Continue reading “Comfort Outside Your Zone”


I am not much of a trousers girl, but the minute I spotted this pair, I knew I had to have them. They were lurking on the hanger behind a couple of white blouses. Crisp, clean. “It is the last pair”, pointed out one of the shop girls as she saw me coveting them. They were aContinue reading “Covetable”

Keep Calm

There is a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about kimonos. I adore how they look so delicate when they softly fall-off revealing a bare shoulder now and then. They are a perfect piece to play around with, and their versatility makes them ideal for day or night.