Let’s Go Black


Ever since I had to stock my wardrobe with business attire, I developed a thing for black. After business wear, came evening wear. It is smart, flattering, & chic. My one rule when it comes to wearing a head to toe black outfit is to search for those special details that will make the look stand apart, like the lace and back cut-out on this jumpsuit. 

PS: I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Year!

Desde que tuve que proveerme de ropa de trabajo, desarrollé una especial atracción hacia el negro. La única regla que sigo al crear atuendos negros es asegurarme de que las prendas posean un detalle especial, tal como el encaje de este mono.

PD: ¡Espero que tengan unas felices fiestas!


Photographed by N&R Branding

Full look: Almacenes Simán
Hair & Make-up: Flert (Simán Galerías, Plaza Mundo, Metro Centro)

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