All garments can be easily dressed up or down, it is really just a matter of styling. Take this jumper for instance, as casual as it is, when paired with a pencil skirt and heels it takes on a whole different style. What seemed intrinsically laid back becomes a bit more edgy and fierce.

All White

I relish on well pulled off monochromatic outfits. There is something so exquisite, so chic, about a woman who is able to draw attention without even trying. The one colour looks are effortless and elegant, and when choosing the colour you can go bold (e.g. think pink) or demure (think neutrals)… It is your call!

Let’s Go Black

Ever since I had to stock my wardrobe with business attire, I developed a thing for black. After business wear, came evening wear. It is smart, flattering, & chic. My one rule when it comes to wearing a head to toe black outfit is to search for those special details that will make the look standContinue reading “Let’s Go Black”

Brunch Skirt

Every year, Christmas time is filled with special breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners, and after parties. So on top of our usual hectic schedules, we have to squeeze in all of the afore mentioned rendez-vous. Counting on a well assorted wardrobe will make our lives so much easier. We should all therefore think about investing inContinue reading “Brunch Skirt”

Guilty Pleasures

When it comes to bottoms, shorts are my guilty pleasures. There is something so easy, so simple, yet so fashionable about them. Shorts can either dress you up or dress you down without much further need of styling. I gravitate towards them specially during holidays, when business attire is not the dress code. I putContinue reading “Guilty Pleasures”

See Through

Transparencies are definitely one of my weaknesses, and this dress has them just in the right proportions. Since it has actually been chilly in El Salvador these days, I layered a crop jumper over the dress, to stay warm and stick to the Xmas spirit. It is really a perfect look for a relaxed holidayContinue reading “See Through”