Monthly Archives: November 2014

The One That I Want

Chanel No.5’s last ad video has become my latest favourite fashion film. The music, the photography, and, of course, the fashion in it, all come together in perfect harmony to create a beautiful story line. The story line represents the strong, elegant, rounded women that the brand stands for. But instead of praising it, I’ll leave it for you to enjoy for yourselves. 

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The key to mix matching prints is sticking to the same color palette. For this outfit, I combined a floral print top with a pair of checkered leggings. As loud as the look may seem, the monochromatic tones bring the tone down. I also added bright colored accessories.

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A sporty grunge trend wouldn’t be complete without a dash of tartan. I styled this body-con dress with a white sleeveless shirt, and a pair of high heel ankle boots. Since the neckline was very high, I added no necklace or long earrings. The only other accessories were a couple of bracelets and a black ribbon. 

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A Man’s Matter


I wanted to share with all of you my latest styling project. It is actually my first menswear photoshoot. Special thanks to the people involved as well as to Express, Dual, & Arturo Calle.

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A Different Purpose


I like to think that when it comes to fashion, I’m not your usual girl next door. For me, it is all about trying different clothes, styles and trends. One of the things I love to do is to use garments in a way they weren’t meant to be worn. Playing around with these adds personality, as well as originality to your outfits. El Salvador is not particularly characterized by its cold weather, so scarves don’t have a very strong presence amongst our closets. However, who says scarves are only made to keep us warm? Belting this girly dress with a scarf added a fun splash of colour as well as an interesting silhouette to the outfit. 

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Not Much Needed


I firmly stand for chic simplicity.  Friends constantly come to me asking for advice on how to accessorize an outfit. For the most part, they tend to think that if their look does not include an array of jewellery, it is incomplete. Less is more. It is never about HOW MUCH you wear, but more about WHAT you wear and what you want to draw attention to. While putting this outfit together, I realized that the laser-cut top was a stand-out on its own, so accessories seemed to be unnecessary. On top of that, this pair of heels already have an embellished strap, which to me, adds just the right amount of spark to the look.

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