The Little Black Dress


If there’s one thing better than buying good clothes &/or accessories, it would be buying them on sale! Sales are tricky, you have to rummage through mountain-like piles of crap before you can actually find a piece worth your while. But sometimes you get lucky and it makes you forget all the tediousness as if by magic. I’m bringing this up because both this black dress and the heels were found this way. When I spotted them, I couldn’t believe that nobody had bought them before me!  Anyway, I hope you like this outfit as much as I do, and don’t give up on those annoying sale piles. Sometimes treasure lies underneath it all.

Comprar en rebajas siempre me resulta una tarea hasta cierto punto tediosa. La ropa se encuentra o amontonada en montañas interminables o tiradas por cualquier esquina de la tienda. Sin embargo, cuando encuentro una prenda buena, sé que no he perdido el tiempo. Tanto el vestido negro de este outfit, como los zapatos son conquistas de rebajas. Cuando los encontré, no podía creer que nadie los hubiera llevado antes que yo. ¡Espero que este conjunto les guste tanto como a mí!


Photography by Camila López

Dress: Zara
Heels: Charles by Charles David
Earrings: Mimi Boutique (El Salvador)
Clutch: Whistles
Chain-link bracelet: Juicy Couture (similar here)
Nail polish: "Shearling Darling" by Essie

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