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Leggings for a change


I am not what you would call a leggings fan. As a matter of fact, if anything, I am its enemy (I would burn them all down if I could). However, I have to admit that for this look, the leggings actually work because of the length of the top. I love the combination of snakeskin and faux-leather: it’s daring, sexy, and somewhat powerful. To pull the look together I wore it with silver shoes and jewellery. I hope you guys like it!

PS: I just received my order of flash tattoos and they are unbelievably cool! I tried them out as the dotted gold ring on my finger. You got to love them!

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Pick of the Week: Flash Tattoos


One of my latest fashion craves are Flash Tattoos. You probably have seen them worn by celebs such as SJP, or on magazines. I’m talking about tattoos that simulate real jewellery. Remember how when you were little you use to cover yourself up with sticker tattoos that came inside the bags of chips? Well these ones work exactly in the same way!

1. Choose your favourite body part.
2. Place the tattoo facing downwards.
3. Use a wet cloth to damp the paper.
4. Remove the paper and…
Voilà! You’ve gotten yourself a non-remorseful, shimmering tattoo or a damn cool accessory, if you rather.

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Denim Overalls


I’m back in Canada for a week, and I have had the amazing chance of visiting one of my good friends here. Let me tell you that Canada in Summer is actually a warm, happy place, (who would know?!) We took these shots at two different parks near my friend’s house, one of which was more of a pocket-size forest than a playground. 

For this outfit I wore a pair of washed denim overalls with a bright green top. I love denim dungarees, and even more so if they’re short. I also really like how both colours create a perfect contrast. This is a super easy, comfy, ready to hit the road look! 

PS: One of my current accessory obsessions is tying a simple ribbon around my wrist. Simple, yet chic! Any thoughts?

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Following up with my travel posts, from Peru I flew to Ecuador. I would like to say that the second country I visited on my South American trip turned out to be a sweet surprise. As I found out, Quito has the biggest, best preserved colonial city centre in South America; Ecuador is one of the biggest exporters of flowers in Latin America, and Panama hats are not from Panama, but from Ecuador. I hope you enjoy my picture diary featuring Quito, Cuenca & Guayaquil!

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Clash of Prints


In Ecuador, there are currently two places that have been labeled as the middle point of the world. The historic one was determined by French scientists in the XVIIIc. However, the research conducted afterwards demonstrated that the real middle of the world lies about 200m away.

I was lucky to visit both and do a quick photoshoot at the Middle of the World City, a small village created around the monument for the equator. Mismatching prints is one of my favourite trends, and on this occasion I combined a pair of cameo jeans with a leopard print scarf. I really like how the colours give a special harmony to the outfit. To tone down the look, I wore a plain white tee. Let me know what you think! 

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Cusco & Machu Picchu


On my last travel post, I showed a few images of my trip to Peru. Now, I want to share more amazing places that I visited within the country. 

First was Cusco: a beautiful colonial town that has preserved the antique feeling. I stayed at the most adorable accommodation very close to the main plaza, the Aranwa Hotel (totally recommend it!). Since Cusco is located at an altitude above 3,000 mtrs, drinking coca tea is highly recommended to prevent altitude sickness.

For the rest of this trip, I spent four days submerged in an Inca experience, visiting various ruin sites along the Inca Sacred Valley. My voyage into this culture ended with the breathtaking Machu Picchu (pronounced Mah-choo Peej-choo). Here are a few of the shots that I took! 

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